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Affordable and Fun Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Affordable and fun inspired home decor ideas
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Undoubtedly no place on the planet can match the solace we find at our homes. You can travel as much as you want, but your heart rests well within the comfort of your own four walls. If your home is a place to recover from the working blues, then why not transform it into something which is equally comforting and beautiful? Fancy hotels might lure you over and over, but they can torture your pocket to a large extent. Transforming your house using simple hacks can kill two birds with one stone.

Your home is a place which expresses you. Your ideas, imagination, memories, aspirations, and so many things are there that you can portray through your house. Your house can be that one place everyone would want to hang out. All of it depends on your creativity. You are free to use whatever things you already have at your home or many budget-friendly options that are available on the market, and if creativity is not your cup of tea then don’t worry, we are here to help you out with some amazing home decor ideas.

Affordable and fun inspired home decor ideas

Here are some affordable and fun inspired home decor ideas that will certainly bring all the guests and their compliments to your yard.

1. Green light to the greenery

Having greens in your home is always a good idea. It not only gives a natural and comforting feel to your home but is also a natural air purifier. Your room fresheners can never replace the actual air purifiers. Put large flower pots with beautiful indoor plants at the side of heavy furniture. Or, you can
hang small floral pots at the corner of your room.

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2. Befriend wall arts

Gorgeous wall art can snatch thousands of compliment from your visitors. You can buy a wall piece from your local artists or loads of designs and paintings that are available online for you to choose from. Don’t let your walls feel empty, decorate them with beautiful handmade wall arts. If you can DIY pieces on your own then that can be a great idea too. An incredible addition would be custom metal prints on the wall of the living room.

3. Dazzle up a little

Let’s face it, we all love a little shimmer around us, using fairy lights to decorate your house, can be affordable as well as easy at the same time. These lights are safe and light in weight, which makes them super portable to use at any place of your home. You can also use small bulbs of different colours to get an unconventional look.  Personalised neon lights are another great option when it comes to dazzling your home, as you can check out websites like Neon Filter to see just how many signs are available. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your living space.

4. Mirror mirror on the wall

Installing designer mirrors in your home can be a great idea to give it a pleasant look. Place a large mirror on the centre wall of your hall with designer patterns on its sides. You can use trendy lighted mirror too. This mirror will enhance the overall look of your home and will also serve as a photogenic area in your house. Also, if you live in a small rental in one of these apartments for rent in Pearland, it can help make your apartment look more spacious.

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Don’t miss the chance to flaunt yourself with compliments and super chic selfies.

5. Pop up your world

If you’re a huge fan of music, pictures or movies, then incorporate your likes with a flavour of pop to breathe life into your house. Many people have their walls stocked up with posters of their favourite celebrities or artists. You can use this fun method to give a funky touch to your home too. Bring out your favourite posters and use them according to a certain colour pattern. Hang funky neon coloured signs. Choose a colour and post wallpapers that are only related to that one colour. Add related accessories to your wall and see the difference yourself. You can also make your cabinet look trendy by painting with beautiful. Just get the right cabinet paint, and use it on your cabinet.

6. A memoir for memories

Globetrotters have a bag full of inspiration when it comes to home decor. You can always find pieces of their memory within their homes in the shape of souvenirs and pictures. You too can use these ideas and show off your happy exploring time with travel-inspired ideas of home decors. Hang precious pictures of your vacation or simply put up a large map on your wall. These will humbly express your love for travelling and at the same time little memories.

7. Let your walls preach

Want to get your favourite quote tattooed but scared of it? Let your walls do the talk instead! A beautiful way to decorate your home is through the power of words. You can get your favourite quote in large fonts placed on your walls.

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The beauty of calligraphy will snatch everyone’s attention towards itself.

8. Pile up your plates

Yes, we are talking about your crockery! If you think the beauty of your ceramics is only limited to being under your meal, then you are wrong. The intricated designs on your dishwares are worthy of attention, and the perfect way to give them that is by getting them installed on your walls. Fancy hotels use this idea in their dining rooms, and you can adopt this too.

You can cherish the home of your dreams just by being a little innovative. Let your imagination run free. Bring whatever you think has the capability to illustrate your thoughts. Your home reflects your personality. Then why not put enough efforts to show the best version of yourself to the world? Adapt whichever idea you find the best according to your needs and decorate your home with all your lovable things. Make sure it comforts you and your loved ones because a home is where the heart is!

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