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Major Benefits of Infrared Sauna in New York

Infrared Sauna in New York
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The emphasis of modern amenities and technology on convenience has somehow gone head-to-head with our pursuit of fitness. Our desire to be active and healthy gets overwhelmed rather easily by our need to be comfortable or busy. That is why it is such a relief to have the best of both worlds through infrared sauna NYC.

The availability of infrared sauna services in New York city can count as essential in terms of their health benefits. The need for them becomes more evident when considering how The Big Apple recently ranked in the American Fitness Index. Of the 100 largest cities in the U.S. assessed in terms of fitness, it was uncharacteristically placed in the thirty-second position.


New York and the American State of Health

Infrared Sauna in New York

Interestingly, New York is the fourth Best City for Outdoor Activities in America, thanks to its robust combination of historical sites, museums, art venues, cultural interchange, and natural outdoor oases.

The truth is that the entire city is still one gigantic invitation to walk around and get fit. Central Park, the Met, Times Square, and the brand-spanking-new High Line offer New Yorkers more options for healthy recreation.

It strikes a jarring contrast to some national fitness statistics. The average American spends many hours being sedentary. As pollution and poor diet get into the mix, it is no wonder that there are over three million related deaths nationwide every year.

And it does not help that the Big Apple has one of the highest average fitness club membership costs per month. Perhaps, that is why New York suddenly ranked thirty-second.

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Why New Yorkers Could Benefit From Infrared Sauna

The therapeutic benefits of infrared sauna in NYC are a welcome reprieve. It is a time-tested method of cleansing the human body and promoting its natural healing processes. Therefore, it remains as indispensable as it was for the ancients

Many health benefits from the use of sauna remain to be debatable. But a thorough review of related biomedical literature yields plenty of citations about the sauna’s contribution to wellness. If anything, the benefits we derive from sauna therapy are conclusive.


Wins Against Joint and Musculoskeletal Pain

All types of sauna employ the same procedure of using heat to induce sweating. Infrared saunas

retain the same principle but use light energy similar to that of the sun. Interestingly, the heat they generate is lower than that of conventional saunas.

More importantly, the light that they emit penetrates deep into our tissues. That makes the infrared sauna’s heat more effective in accessing the affected joints, muscles, and bones, which then relieves the patient of related conditions like arthritis and muscle spasms.


Fights Against Hypertension and Cardiovascular Diseases

The ability of infrared sauna in penetrating deeper into our body accounts for its effectiveness in lowering blood pressure. Some skeptics are quick to point out that it is due to the relaxing effect of the therapy.

But the truth is it is, again, the effective combination of the infrared sauna’s light energy and efficient heat generation. As the heat goes into our internal organs, our body reacts by increasing the blood flow. That, in turn, promotes the dilation of nerves and blood vessels. The result is better blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

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And since the heart does not have to work extra hard due to constricted or rigid blood vessels, it can pump blood more efficiently.


Wins Against Body Toxins

This claim, by far, is the most widely contested. Some naysayers are quick to list more than several scientific proofs that say sweating is not an effective means of detoxifying our bodies.

Many fitness gurus also support that argument in the same way; that sweating is not enough to lose weight or stay fit.

Well, there are also more than several scientific studies that confirm why the sauna has been in use since 4000 BC. The main reason why even the warriors of old took ‘vapor baths’ is because of their therapeutic ability to promote healing.

Infrared saunas are even more effective in inducing sweating, which is still the body’s most effective way of releasing harmful metals. Studies show that getting rid of these toxic metals is faster through infrared-induced sweating than urinating. By effectively removing such toxins, the body is in a better position to recover and heal.

A visit to an infrared sauna in NYC has in store for you those benefits that are worth the time and money. America could be forgiven for being too busy and, perhaps, even too sedentary. But these should not dissuade New Yorkers from enjoying the tremendous and life-giving benefits of basking in the light of an infrared sauna.

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