7 Questions To Ask A Tarot Reader

Questions to ask a tarot reader
Written by Collins Nwokolo
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If you are keen about getting a tarot reading, you need to ensure that you get it done from the right professional. The entire experience can be exciting and life changing, but it depends on the experience of the reader who performs the reading for you.

The accuracy of the reading will depend on the skills of the reader which is why you need to find a reader who is trustworthy and has adequate experience. If you are a going for your first ever tarot reading session, these are the questions you need to ask your tarot reader.


1. What is tarot?

Questions to ask a tarot reader

Tarot has been in existence for a long time now. It is a system which uses a deck of cards in order to get an insight into the life of an individual. It helps answer numerous questions related to health, career and relationships. Tarot has been in existence since the 15th century, and every card has a symbol which comes with a deeper meaning that can be interpreted by the reader for the client.

2. How does tarot work?

The deck consists of 78 cards, but it will only make sense to someone who has the ability to read them. Each card is a symbol of spiritual truth, and the reading is based on different types of spreads. Reading can have numerous outcomes and interpreting the same requires mastery. Most well-known readers have years of experience which helps them become a master of the craft. It is also important to have psychic abilities in order to connect with the cards and to give an accurate reading.

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3. Does it predict the future?

Tarot is more about probabilities than literally foretelling the future. You can get a complete overview of your past, your present and the future. A reader can tell you what has happened in your past and what is currently happening. However, when it comes to foretelling the future, it will be all about probability and less about certainty. No reader can foretell a future with complete certainty. The reading will throw light on your life and will guide you with the same, but it cannot predict the future with any certainty.

4. What questions will be answered by the reader?

Before you go for a tarot reading, you need to spend time preparing the questions you seek answers to. The reading can be used to gain insight into the different situations in your life. You need to ask practical questions and avoid ambiguous topics or questions.

For example, you can ask whether a relationship will materialise or not. But you cannot ask when and how you will die. There are certain things you should ask your reader but you need to be very clear about the question, and you should be well prepared to hear the answer in a straightforward manner.

5. Do reverse cards signify something bad?

Most of us have a perception that a reverse card always signifies something bad and should be feared. However, this is not the case. A reverse card is not a bad omen, and it is like any other card. When you draw a reverse card, it tells you more about how long a certain situation will last, and it will guide you towards better things in life. It is not an indication of anything going against you.

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6. Is there an ideal time gap between the two readings?

There is no specific rule about the time gap that should be maintained between two readings. It totally depends on the personal preference of the individual. Many people go for reading on a daily basis while many take monthly readings. You need to trust your instinct and decide whether you want reading and when you want one. It should be a well thought-out decision and should not be taken in haste.

7. What is the duration of a tarot reading?

The time taken in a tarot reading will vary on the reader you choose and the type of questions you have. It can range anywhere between a few minutes to a couple of hours. If you have one quick question, it will be answered within no time. And if you have some questions and have booked a private reading, it could last a couple of hours.

Once you gain clarity about what tarot really is and what it does, you will be able to prepare yourself well for your first tarot reading session.


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