How to Spend Your Free Time with Music During Lockdown

Music During Lockdown
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Let’s all admit it, music helps us relax, forget the trouble of the world for a while, and appreciate the essence of life through wonderful lyrics, smooth or upbeat rhythms, and so on.

Today, as the world faces its most crucial state due to the coronavirus. Most of us are enforced to stay at home to ensure our safety until everything is back to normal again. Hence, days inside our respective homes move so slowly until it drags us to boredom. 

In this case, we don’t want to waste our time from unproductive. Each day should count, and it must be used for new learnings and, of course—a new hobby. Yes, there’s no such thing as too old or too young for new hobbies. And for this, you need to know how to use synthesizer for music production

One thing that is highly recommended is to know how to determine the right guide to help you simplify learning music. It’s a soothing way to help us reduce anxieties during this barren lockdown period. 

In this article, we will help you know how to spend your free time in music during coronavirus lockdown. 

Music During Lockdown

Let’s begin with this step to step guide:

Reading About Music

Reading something about music might be boring for those who are not into reading. However, if your passion has been fueled to the fullest, then perhaps pushing yourself to learn will one day turn into an initiative.

Music comprises so many benefits which you will only know when you read it. Hence, this will give you more motivation to be engaged in music.

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Check Online Music Lessons

With present circumstances circling about the COVID-19 pandemic, we know being “stuck” in your home can source stress and increases anxiety. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to remain that way. Checking online music lessons is one of the finest ways to distract your boredom throughout the downtime, whereas keeping your mental health in check.

However, online music lessons do not weaken the value of learning you obtain from an actual lesson. All the steady aids you get from a music lesson such as how it helps brain connectivity, advance mental assets, benefit cognitive skill, and fine motor abilities are still inside the scope of online classes.

Try to Learn Music Lessons

Learning music lessons helps build language skills. As they acquire their instrument, you could become more familiar with the diverse sounds that you might not have identified before. This run-through guides your ears for the distinctions and indirect sounds of language.

It makes them clearer mentally. Researchers have found associations among music lessons and closely every degree of academic success, such as the SAT scores, high school GPA, reading conception, and math expertise. Music also recovers their controls to remember for great learning in all academic matters.


Play Musical Instruments

This is possibly the greatest apparent area to rehearse, and certainly, many aiming musicians make the error of concentrating solely on instrument mastery.

There’s something modest and sustaining about instrument drill. The skills implications can become very difficult. However, every time it’s nearly progressing your body more precisely and constantly to make the instrument do what your targets to do. Humans are virtuous at learning physical abilities, and we know the practice quite fine. There are clear and regularly instant rewards to working your instrument.

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It’s also the greatest noticeable skill we get in great musicians. You guard their fingers fly above the keyboard or their mouth open to intone a lovely phrase, and it’s laidback to contemplate that learning their instrument was what paved their way for them an excellent musician.

Listen to Music

Our phone is always there to give us a rescue whenever we have nothing else to do with our free time. More so, gazing at your phone is another opportunity, but listening to music podcasts, reading something about music, or studying your personal recordings while you’re on your train trip or waiting in an extended line are far sounder picks for your music passion. Every time you bargain yourself with nothing to fix but pause and wait, you can consume that time to instruct yourself or get motivated. You can prepare a few of those things whereas driving, too, of course. They are so many healthy ways music affects your health.


Singing is the finest way to advance your ear for pitch, and pitch ear drill is the top place for utmost musicians to begin refining their ear. Once you have studied simple control over your voice’s pitch, it develops a potent tool for the entity of your other ear exercise, plus relative pitch, dynamics, and tone, or timbre.

Record Yourself

Start from the basics. Pick a good song which you tend to know so well and then select a slow tempo. Play it alone while recording yourself, or perhaps, you could sing along if your instrument is your voice, minus a metronome, or any holdup. Recording yourself provides you a direct and valued reaction.

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It’s time for you to listen to the recording. Through this strategy, you could raise some important questions for yourself for some evaluation. Are you self-assured that a stranger might bang to your thud? Are you hurtling up or decelerating down? Beat or clap alongside with your soundtrack. Retain a reckoning of how several times you got off the beat or faltered.

Don’t be disheartened if you’re not that balanced yet. Just decide to progress by assessing where it needs to improve. Always remember that this is reasonably another skill to be discovered and learned!

Overall, music is more than just a boredom killer. It usually opens so many chances to discover yourself and what you really want to be as you allow passion to drive you through it. Hence, this free time that you have will surely be remembered because you gave yourself a good treat and new learnings that will absolutely last a lifetime.

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