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Top 6 Fun Facts About Vietnamese Food

Facts about Vietnamese food
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Vietnam is full of people who are a foodie that is why the Vietnamese cuisine is so developed and famous all around the world. The food is so delicious that once a person tastes it, he or she is bound to try it again. There are a plethora of dishes that a person can try here like Pho, Bun Cha and what not. A health-conscious person can also have a variety of options when it comes to Vietnamese food like Goi Ngo Sen, Kho To, etc. as all these dishes are made from fresh organic contents. All in all, there are numerous Vietnamese food facts that a person should definitely have knowledge about.


Top 6 Fun Facts About Vietnamese Food

Facts about Vietnamese food

1. Regional differences

The Vietnamese cuisine is mainly divided into three parts geographically that is North, Central, and the South. A fun fact about the regional variation is that all three territories offer different kind of food being in the same area. The North consists of food that is hotter than other regions, and soup in this region plays a significant role. Meanwhile, the South has a collection of spicy food which is undoubtedly a delight to try. The Central part offers a combination of small dishes which is very distinct and fun to utilize.


2. Made by fresh ingredients

The most fantastic fact about Vietnamese cuisine is that the ingredients used in the preparation of the food are organic. Everything used in the process is healthy, and that is an excellent benefit for diet conscious people. Instead of eating fatty food, it seems more ideal to consume salubrious tasty food. The herbs are a good source of nutrition which is refreshing and gratifying.

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3. They eat close to the floor

One of the most fantastic things about Vietnam is that the people are considerably down to earth and that is directly reflected in their style of eating. Even if you visit the fanciest hotels there, they are set up such that they serve the food in containers which are close to the floor. They mostly don’t have chairs in the restaurants but tend to make use of small stools. There is no specific reason why this trend is followed; however, it’s just embedded deeply in their culture.

4. Trying out coffee in Vietnam

This is for all the hardcore coffee lovers out there if you are going to visit Vietnam, there are some particular types of coffee that you must try like egg coffee also known as ‘ca phe trung.’ You can also get decently hot coffee and ice coffee which comprises of water or milk. The North is especially famous for coffee so if you are visiting Vietnam only for this purpose, then doesn’t forget to go to the North.

5. Vietnamese beer is quite affordable

In most countries, the price of beer is high, well that is the distinction between other country and Vietnam. When it comes to beer options, there are tons of brands that are available in this beautiful country like Beer Saigon, Bia Hanoi. Moreover, the quantity in which the beer is served is also right, so you can pay little and get more. The legal age of drinking in Vietnam is 20 years, and without attaining this age, you won’t be able to get any liquor.

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6. Cake designed in various shapes

The specialty of cakes in this region is that they are created in enjoyable ways which are surely going to entertain the person from whom it is made. Moreover, the taste of cakes here are just outstanding so overall you get an excellent presentation of food with a delightful flavor. The cost of this dish is not too much so anyone with an adequate amount of money can easily purchase it.

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