What You Need to Design the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Perfect Outdoor Kitchen
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A properly designed outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition to any home. Whether you are thinking of building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard or want to redesign your current patio setup into a trendier outdoor kitchen space you can use more often, there are a few factors that you should consider so you can design the perfect one for your needs.

How Do You Plan to use the Space?

First, think about how you will be using the space. 

  • Do you plan on cooking on it frequently? 
  • How many people do you plan on serving at once? 
  • Will it need plenty of storage space for plates and utensils?
  • Will it only be used for one season each year and stored for the rest?
  • Does your weather play a part in how you need to design this outdoor space?

Next, consider what appliances, materials, and accessories will fit into your budget. Features like water filtration systems and refrigerators with ice makers will serve as beneficial additions to your new outdoor kitchen. If these features are your top priorities, prioritize designing a kitchen that has them to save you time and energy when building the space. Most of these appliances should be installed by a professional, so for instance, if you stay in Utah, you can look for electrical installation in Ogden, Utah.

In deciding what appliances to use in your outdoor kitchen, think about their durability. Stainless steel is a popular material for sinks and other outdoor materials, because it will not rust over time. This same idea applies to grills.

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Cooking Options for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Look for an outdoor grill made of durable materials so it can endure the different weather conditions throughout the year. Also, look at how easy clean-up will be for each appliance you choose so dirt and debris do not become a nuisance in your new cooking space.

You’ll also want to choose a surface material that is both durable and functional while also being heat-safe. Many granite surfaces are non-porous, meaning they cannot absorb water. This will make your stone easy to clean and maintain over time, which is perfect for a space that is used with regularity. You do not want it to take an hour to prepare each time you want to use it. Ideally, you can wipe the space down and use it within 10-15 minutes.

Consider the Counters

If you are thinking of having countertops around your cooking appliances, make sure they are the right height for whichever fixtures or appliances you choose in order to keep them safe for use. You also need to consider materials for this. Just like for your cooking surface, you want something easy to clean and maintain. Plus, you want something durable enough to set a hot pot on that will not lead to the material being damaged. 

Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Do You Need Outdoor Clean Up Appliances?

You may want outdoor sinks or dishwashers for additional convenience in food prep and dish cleanup after meals, respectively. Outdoor sinks can also be beneficial when entertaining large groups of people since guests no longer have to crowd into your home’s kitchen sink area to wash their hands before eating! It also makes rinsing off plates, fingers, prep tools, and utensils that fall down a lot faster and easier. 

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Protection from the Elements Is Another Consideration

Leaving your outdoor kitchen open during different seasons comes with its own benefits and concerns too. Ensure your appliances are protected from the elements so rust does not become a problem in the long run. This could lead to having to replace appliances early or food cooking or prep surfaces becoming unsafe to use. 

Also, consider installing retractable roofs or ceiling covers for when you do not want to use your outdoor kitchen space. This will save you time and energy in cooking outside rather than having to bring everything inside or store it when it rains or snows. It also allows you to adjust to different numbers of people when you are entertaining and cooking in your outdoor kitchen space.

Last-Minute Considerations Before Moving Forward with Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

When creating your perfect outdoor kitchen, think about what appliances you need that will fit into your budget while being built with durable materials so they can last over time. Also, prioritize features like water filtration systems like those offered by EcoPureHome, so your appliances are more effective, healthier to use, and functional for regular use. 

Make sure all of the surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, too, so dirt does not hinder your food prep, cooking, and dining experiences! Lastly, ensure that the appliances you choose are appropriate for the space.


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