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How Technology Is Fuelling Other Addiction Problems In Our Society

How Technology Is Fuelling Other Addiction Problems In Our Society
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Technology is something that has been a staple in our lives for quite some time. We can calculate and decrease its usage, but we can never completely throw it out of our lives. However, what about addiction? How can addiction factor within technology?

This is a universal question that we have heard enough times. Yes, there are some addictions that can be latched to the technology; these are,

– Pornography Addiction.

– Technology Addiction, &

– Even substance addiction like drugs.

Yes, the last one might sound a little off-topic, but there are many elements of our lives that can be influenced by the usage of technology.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing the three major addictions which can be influenced by technology and how you can combat them.

No, it won’t be possible to completely rid yourself of technology. However, there are definitely ways in which you can keep a tab on the patient’s usage and create a healthy boundary.

Technology and mental health also go hand in hand, and we have already seen how mental health can be deadly fuel to addiction issues.

Hence, parents are always advised to talk to their teens about mental health and take the necessary precautions before they take any drastic measures.

Addiction Is Not The End

Before we talk about the different addictions that can harm the body, it is necessary to understand that people recover from addiction no matter how bad it is.

You just need a little determination for yourself and if the patient is someone very close to you.

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The rest can be left to the recovery centers professionals who work day and night diligently to give the patient a new life every day.

If you are already looking for a rehabilitation and detoxification center, then look no more, check this site about the Infinite Recovery detoxification center.

It is not the end of everything; if you stay on the path of sobriety, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

Types Of Addiction Influenced By Technology

How Technology Is Fuelling Other Addiction Problems In Our Society

These are some of the common addiction issues that someone who utilizes an extreme amount of technology might face.

1. Pornography Addiction

Porn addiction originates from the availability of technology and a device always present at all times. So yes, you might think that this is a problem majorly faced by teens who are exploring their sexuality at this time and can get carried away at one point.

However, this addiction is seen in adult males as well. Some of the common side effects of porn addiction include.

– Frequent masturbation.

– Dissatisfaction In Sexual Life.

– Unreasonable needs for partners.

– Frustration & Hostile Behavior.

– Indulging in sexual abuse in extreme cases.

– Spending too much on expensive pornographic subscriptions.

As you can see, no one is willing to go through all this turmoil, and thus the patient needs to shorten the usage of technology and completely cut the pornographic viewing time.

Atleast till the time it is not affecting your mental and sexual health.

If the cause gets out of hand, ensure that the patients are given immediate therapy and rehabilitation.

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2. Online Gambling Addiction

With technology and the internet right in your hands, there is nothing impossible. Gambling addiction is one of the known ones that we see circulating everywhere.

This is when you get access to sites and games which deal with actual life gambling, or you learn the techniques through technology and try to imply them in real life.

Teens and kids should especially stay away from these games. Parents should always supervise the use of these in close proximity.

Here are some of the serious side effects of gambling addiction, fueled by technology.

– Needless to say that the economic fallout will be drastic because when someone suffers from an addiction, they are unable to stop themselves with any thought of morality.

– Mental health problems on losing can lead to other substance abuse if they get access to these substances.

– Someone with compulsive behavior can get more prone and addicted to gambling from the constant usage of technology than others.

– Change in personality is also very common with a gambling addiction; they can get very hostile towards others.

3. Technology Addiction

Technology addiction is the most dangerous out of all because the rest you can relieve yourself from, but what about technology?

This is not a component that you can entirely eliminate from your life. There has to be a healthy balance, and getting to that point can be difficult for some patients. Some of the side effects of technology addiction.

– Catching this irrational phobia called technophobia (the fear of not having technology with them at all times.

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– Hostile behavior towards people who try to explain to them about the dangers.

– Retinal strain from the constant glaring and ear infection from constant usage of headphones.

Again, therapy and complete detox in rehabilitation centers could be the two available treatments that can help someone get rid of this addiction.

4. Substance Addiction

Now substance addiction is something we do not generally associate with technology. However, let us not forget one important point.

With the aid of technology and the internet, accessing everything on the face of the earth has become very easy.

You wouldn’t even know the kind of contacts people are forming in their social media and getting access to hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth, etc.

Side effects of substance addiction:

– Hallucinations and paranoia are caused by the chemical reaction.

– Depression and anxiety are caused after the effect of euphoria dies down.

– Hostile behavior towards family and friends.

– Loss of jobs and academic interests.

Inpatient rehabilitation centers are the best solution if the addiction is extreme.

Technology – Blessing For Some Curse For Others 

Whether technology is a blessing or a curse depends on the people who are using it. Thus, someone getting addicted is definitely using it the wrong way.

We have to learn how to strike a healthy balance when it comes to technology and use it generously but not excessively to protect ourselves from this addiction.

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