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Many people say that successful people are born on august. Although I’m was not born on an august I gave birth to an idea on august. This idea came to me long ago and I really wanted to implement it. What was this idea all about?. It was to create a UNIQUE HEALTH WEBSITE.
You see every business venture or idea you conceive or that you which to undertake must solve a problem. It should bring a solution to an existing problem or rather it could be innovative and improve on that already existing protocol. So I created youmustgethealthy.com to solve problems in the health niche and also present an improvement on health blogging. What do I hope to solve? And what innovative ideas do I have?. Well firstly, I believe the goal of any health blog is to give people great information concerning their health. I created this blog to do just more than that. I am not here to tell you do this and you will stay healthy, I am here to convince you . Our health is a priority and we should be interested in matters concerning it.
Secondly, In Nigeria there is no established health blog or website that Is popular among us. I want youmustgethealthy.com to be that site. It will be the health site we can all visit and be sure to get the very best health information.
Thirdly, while I was thinking for something innovative to add to my blog, l realized that other health blogs had this authoritative and straightforward way they write. “Do this and Don’t do this”. But In reality it’s not like everything we tell ourselves we shouldn’t do, we end up doing. I am going to add a little to nice amount of humour in my posts. This is not meant to belittle the seriousness to our health but instead to make you feel relaxed and happy when you about how you should take care of your health.
When it comes to what makes us happy ,our health is paramount. It’s not money or power or fame. Yes, I have a simple logic that will show you what you stand to gain by reading the health information I post. Now see, if health is wealth and knowledge is power. It means that ,with healthy information about your health, you already have wealth and power. Hence or motto health, knowledge… Wealth, power. I hope you love this blog and visit it often because someday it will transform to a very large online community. I will do my best to write great stuff and I promise to make sure that YOU MUST GET HEALTHY
my blog is www.youmustgethealthy.com

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Collins Nwokolo

Collins Nwokolo is a passionate blogger and an amazing writer. He is a health and fitness enthusiast who loves sharing helpful information to people.

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