7 Steps to Achieving a Luxury Skincare Routine

Luxury Skincare Routine
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Luxury doesn’t always mean expensive. With an array of quality products that range in price, anyone can improve their skincare routine. It’s time to pamper both yourself, and your skin. Your basic skincare routine will be updated to a luxurious one in just these seven simple steps.

1. Building Habits

Taking care of your skin requires consistency. Skincare should be a daily regime in your routine, and must be a selfcare priority. Set aside time in the morning and night to focus on your skincare. Making skincare a priority is not only a treat to yourself, but also adds to the luxurious feel of your overall routine. 

2. Research

Before purchasing skincare products, do your research! In order to curate the perfect skincare routine to fit your needs, you need to select the correct products that are suitable for your skin. Find out what your skin type is, what areas of your skin need work, and what ingredients will work best for your skin. You wouldn’t want to risk damaging your skin by using products that you are allergic too, or that have damaging impacts. It’s also important to research skincare brands, because many brands often use harsh ingredients in their products. After you thoroughly research, it’s time to select your skincare products.

3. Products

Selecting your products is one of the most fun elements of developing your luxury skincare routine. Write down the products you need, and create a budget. Don’t overspend on products if you don’t have the money. There are thousands of reputable, affordable, and generally lovely skincare products to choose from. Brands like Cerave and The Ordinary offer products for all skin types, and are sold for reasonable prices. Honestly, as long as you are satisfied with the products, no matter the price, they are certainly luxurious. Once you have selected your products, your next task is to test the products and create an order in which you use them.

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Luxury Skincare Routine

4.  Your Routine

Cracking down on a daily routine with your products is crucial; specific products are made to be used at certain points in a skincare routine. Products meant to be used initially include: cleanser, toner, and exfoliants. Products meant to be used at the end of skincare routines include: moisturizer, eye cream, and lip balm. Even if you use products in a unique way, don’t change your routine if it works for your needs. Again, it’s important to build a consistent routine. When you have a daily routine, stick to it, and if you need to make any changes (products, steps, or processes) then you may do so.

5. Pamper Yourself

Sometimes our daily skincare routine isn’t enough, and we need to dedicate a longer period of time, or even an entire day to pamper ourselves. Part of skincare is making yourself a priority. So pull out those face masks, and soak in the tub, because pampering yourself is necessary. The process of pampering is neglected by many, but should be utilized more. Not only does pampering feel incredible, it’s another element to add to your luxurious skincare routine.

6. Avoiding Mistakes

Commonly, we make mistakes when caring for any part of ourselves. Ever forgotten to wear sunscreen? Didn’t feel like taking off your makeup before you sleep? Well mistakes like these harm your skin, and contribute to long lasting effects overtime. Make sure not to slack off when it comes to taking care of your skin, because by neglecting skincare, you are hurting yourself. Neglect in your routine also dampens any luxury you may have once had. Luxury is fully taking care of yourself, so don’t let your habits slide. Make sure to wear SPF daily, and take off your makeup each night. Ensure that you are doing any other necessary steps in your routine, and correct any mistakes that you do make.

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7. Your Experience

Skincare is any individualistic experience. Enjoy your skincare process, and don’t compare it to those around you, or any media. The uttermost essential step when building a luxurious skincare routine is making it about YOU. It’s your routine, and it’s for the benefit of you and your skin. You should flourish when caring for your skin, and enjoy the luxury of it all. 


Your Improved Routine

Look at you go! From research and product selection, to habits and a consistent routine, you have achieved luxury. Don’t forget to treat your skin like royalty each and everyday, you deserve it!


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