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Are Cell Phones Allowed in Rehab?

Are Cell Phones Allowed in Rehab?
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Rehabilitation centers are critical for the recovery of an individual struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. You can learn more about the rehabilitation process here. When this is a patient’s first time going into one of them, it is natural to have a great deal of reluctance, uncertainty, and apprehension when they set foot inside. After all, they are in a strange environment far away from their loved ones, and they are very vulnerable. 

Other patients are generally sick from the withdrawal processes, and they are scared of what will happen to them. Some are worried about the kind of treatment they will receive that might significantly impact their families, jobs, and relationships.

A cell phone is a link that connects them to their loved ones while they are undergoing therapy. Taking these mobile phones can derail one’s recovery and have unintended consequences for some. Many people are reliant on their mobiles, and they are very helpful devices that make their lives a little easier every day.

As counterintuitive as it might seem to be for some people, there is a huge potential for patients to divert their attention from drugs when they are allowed to use phones. 

Are Cell Phones Allowed in Rehab?

About the Use of Mobile Devices

There are many questions to be answered when deciding whether or not to allow your loved ones to have a cell phones while they are in rehab. If you are the patient, you might also start wondering the same things. Know that there are facilities that allow limited use of these devices to let the patients talk to their loved ones, but this may depend on their cases.

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Some may ask about things like: what will the rehabilitation staff think of your decision? How much time will you have with your loved one without their phone? And if they are ready to give up part of their independence for the duration of the treatment. Fortunately, there are rehabs that let you keep your phone as a patient, but there are specific restrictions and rules to follow. If you are the patient, it’s best to know the specifics first before going into the facility so you can set your expectations accordingly.

Advantages to Know About

Most inpatient facilities will not allow the phones or at least limit them at the initial part of the therapy. This is understandable as people should need to focus more on their recovery. However, at a later phase in the program, they might be allowed to have limited interval use of their phones, especially after they are finished with their treatment session. Some of the benefits of these are the following:

Stay In Touch with the Workplace 

Most of the people battling with dangerous substances and seeking treatments from centers are generally employed. Over 11% of them are in the management sectors where they have roles like supervisors, executives, and managers, and they might be currently battling disorders. 

With this said, these professionals may be allowed to plug in into their livelihoods and careers because these are the ones that give them their identities. Without getting connected to their colleagues, they might lose their sense of identity, worsening the problem.

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Communicate with Friends and Families

In some cases, families are often the primary reason people are driven into substance abuse. However, others are a solid support system that patients cannot lose during their therapies and treatments. 

Most of the rehabs will allow the patients to stay connected to a select few people that they care about. This way, the families will continue seamless post-therapy support that can help make the changes last. Get more info about post-therapies when you click this site: 

Are Cell Phones Allowed in Rehab?

Calling Romantic Partners

One’s spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other are often the people that keep the patients going when they are addicted. They are generally the primary motivation why individuals seek therapies in the first place. Not being able to speak to them can compound their anxieties, and the relationship can be put into a great deal of strain. 

Scheduled contacts and calls will help individuals become more comfortable and stay motivated to focus on their therapy. The centers generally allow people to use mobile devices at a specific hour without monitoring them. This way, they will be able to gain a sense of independence and peace of mind that someone is still waiting for them to recover.

Rules and Regulations are Different

There is no definitive answer to the question of what a cell phone policy is at rehab centers. Each facility has its own set of rules and regulations, which can vary depending on the state and the patient’s condition. 

Rehab centers often make it their mission to ensure that patients can maintain healthy relationships with those in their lives and have access to the right tools for recovery. This is why they may allow mobile devices inside their facilities. Some may have the phones banned altogether, while others will allow them but regulate their usage during treatment.

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Potential Dangers

While it is good for mental health to keep in touch with colleagues, families, and friends, the mechanism may cause a premature exit from the program. Others may relapse, or the members may bring drugs into the facility. It’s up to the personnel and security staff to be vigilant to ensure that no illegal substances are entering inside.

One argument is that as much as inpatient rehabilitation centers are intended to help patients heal, letting them use mobile devices may result in many distractions. Specifically, many studies have shown that there is a lot of undesirable behavior for the excessive banning of mobile phones, but too much usage should be prevented as well. There is always the perfect balance that many try to find in these rehabs.

A Final Word

As the popularity of cell phones in society has grown over the years, concerns have been expressed about their use in rehab centers. This is because the devices can be used during rehabilitation to communicate with friends and family members. It is essential to know what you are allowed to bring into a rehab facility so that you do not break any rules or accidentally jeopardize your health or the recovery of others.

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