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5 Organic Tips to Whiten Teeth at Home

Written by Collins Nwokolo

The discolouration of the teeth is part of the natural aging process by which we pass all living beings. Despite being a natural process, a large part of the population tries to combat these processes to continue feeling young.
Here we are going to discuss top 5 organic tips to whiten teeth at home:

1. Lemon and Baking soda for teeth whitening

The ingredients of lemon citric and sodium bicarbonate help us to obtain an antibacterial and whitening paste.
Its regular application on stain teeth combats tartar, removes impurities, and helps avoid yellowing.

– 1 teaspoon baking soda (5 gms)
– 5 drops lemon juice.

How to prepare it?

First, combine the baking soda and the drops of lemon juice until you get a paste. Then apply the product with the old brush and let it act for a few minutes.
Then, rinse as usual and repeat the treatment once a week. Finally, if you have tooth sensitivity, you should not use lemon juice.


2. Thyme

On the other hand, this prodigious plant has antibacterial assets and bleaching that is improving oral health after this application.

It is advised to decrease stains caused by food and also for the treatment of bacterial infections.


– 1 tablespoon dried thyme (10 gms)
– 1 teaspoon of coconut oil (8 gms).

How to prepare it?

First, crush the dried leaves of thyme until you get a fine powder. Then, mix it with the coconut oil and apply this with the toothbrush.

Then, perform the procedure for 3 minutes and repeat it for seven days. After the treatment, wait at least 30 days to do it again.

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3. Banana peel

Instead of throwing the banana peel in the trash can choose to use it to give a better appearance to your teeth. The white part inside contains a substance called salicylic acid that provides a protective layer to the tooth enamel.


– 1 banana peel

How to prepare it?

Simply, cut a piece of banana peel and, with the inside, massage the teeth for 3 minutes.

Repeat the process at least ten days in a row to notice the results.

4. Orange peel

Another shell that contains salicylic acid is orange. This compound whitens teeth and protects your enamel against deterioration.

Additionally provides citric acid, another substance that is also beneficial for whitening.


– 1 orange peel.

How to prepare it?

First, cut the orange peel into several pieces and use its internal part to massage the stained teeth for 3 minutes.
Then, wait for at least half-an-hour and perform normal brushing. Finally, use it every day, one time in a day. We also recommend visiting the dental clinic for the best guidance on your yellowish teeth.


5. Brewer’s yeast

The active ingredients of the brewer’s yeast facilitate the elimination of the remains of food build up in the teeth and prevent the spots and tartar formation.
In this treatment is combined with a little salt to enhance its exfoliating effect.


– 2 tablespoons of brewer’s yeast (20 gms)
– 1 tbs of salt (5 gms)
– Water (the necessary)

How to prepare it?

First, combine the ingredients in a cup. Then, add the amount of water needed for a thick paste. Then take a proper amount with your old brush and rub it over your teeth for 3 minutes.

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Finally, repeat the treatment 4 times a week.


To achieve good results with these procedures, you must use them continuously, according to the recommendations given.

It is important to keep in mind that the remedies cited here do not have the effects of a professional method and may vary in each case. If in some weeks you do not achieve an improvement, try another. What you should not forget is that for no reason you should use several at the same time.

Try to identify foods that cause stains to avoid them to the maximum: coffee, sauces, black tea, and wine are some of the most common.

Being natural ingredients may take longer than chemicals to offer results. It is essential not to combine them, as it could be counterproductive.

Also, it is advisable to search and visit a dentist near me for better results.



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