Top Health-Related Careers For 2022

Top Health-Related Careers For 2022
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Are you interested in joining one of the world’s most resilient, secure professions? If so, you’ve probably already explored a few of the opportunities available in the rapidly growing healthcare field.

Even during the past two years, when a global pandemic virtually brought many industries to a halt, the healing professions kept on growing and expanding. In fact, the demand for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, and others grew at a record pace.

Now that the crisis is past its peak phase, the medical sector is still thriving, and applications for schools and training programs are rising. That’s mainly because working adults discovered that professionals in healthcare, fitness, and wellness jobs did so well during what was an otherwise challenging time for most others. What are the hottest careers in this seemingly recession-proof field? Here are the pertinent details about the top three career paths people are choosing in the medical wellness niche.

Massage Therapist

The wellness field has been growing rapidly in the past two decades. Now, dozens of different kinds of bodywork are available to people who want to look and feel their very best.

Massage training has become one of the most popular courses of study for professionals who want to work in the hotel, spa, and wellness industry as independent contractors or members of corporate teams. Massachusetts therapists also earn a lot of money.

Training programs vary from state to state, but most require candidates to have a high school diploma and a history free of criminal and drug-related incidents. Schooling lasts about one year for part-time attendees and half that for full-timers. Grads must pass written certification tests in their state and undergo a thorough background check before they can obtain a license.

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Top Health-Related Careers For 2022

Medical Doctor

Getting a graduate medical degree is no easy task. Only the top students from pre-med and undergraduate science programs are accepted, and only then after they complete a rigorous entrance examination and competition is intense.

One reason is the potential rewards of working as an MD. Not only is it one of the top paying professions in the world, but doctors derive a deep sense of personal satisfaction from helping ill and injured people get back into good health.

One other obstacle some future doctors face is the high cost of med school. Fortunately, even though the vast majority of applicants to graduate MD degrees cannot afford to pay cash, there are excellent resources available.

Most medical school candidates take out student loans to pay for some or all of the cost of their specialized education. Specific resources like Earnest medical student loans make it possible for future doctors to cover the cost of their uniquely challenging preparation.

Exercise Instructor

Online and in-person exercise instructors are in demand in the 2020s. Part of the reason is the explosion in remote video learning. Some of the best personal trainers are online and offer a wide range of options and services.

Most teachers in this field earn certification in a specific area like dance, yoga, calisthenics, martial arts, or aerobics. medical school loans.

Others study for a more general certificate in personal training so they can teach one-on-one or in group sessions. Training courses range from a few weeks for fitness class instructors to several years for martial arts teachers.

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With a rapidly aging population and a nationwide shortage of healthcare professionals, registered nurses and the various specialty nursing positions are in very high demand to help fill the gaps in healthcare.

There are almost unlimited career advancement opportunities for nurses, depending on their level of education. From a Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN) to Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and everything in between, the degree you earn will help open doors to specialty services and the type of interesting work that calls to you.

Many advanced nursing specialties will include work that a physician may typically handle, but with the twist of hands-on care that nurses are renowned for.

It’s safe to say that nursing is a highly rewarding career with growth potential for decades to come.


While the professions outlined above only scratch the surface of what’s available to those interested in a health-related career, what’s clear is that almost any career in this field will continue to grow and encompass a wide range of interesting and fulfilling work.

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