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10 Simple Natural Remedies You Can Make With Mango At Home

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Natural remedies with mango
Ah! I love mangoes. Mangoes are so delicious, refreshing and nourishing. It is the one fruit that you can eat more than you planned to. Mangoes are the most anticipated fruits of the summer and they are loved by everybody. Apart from being extremely delicious, it is also very nutritious and has amazing health benefits. The fruit ( both ripe and unripe), the bark to it’s leaves, seeds and root all have beneficial properties.
This time there will be lots of mango to consume, so it will be insightful to take advantage of this fruit and make the most of its beneficial properties.
Today you will find out 10 simple natural remedies you can make with mango as well as they do.
Natural Remedies With Mango
1. Treating Acne
Mangoes are very effective in curing skin problems especially acne. Consuming mango will give you a fresh and glowing skin. But you can also treat acne at home with mango.
Mango aids in clearing the clogged pores of the skin, which are affected with acne. This is a very good home remedy for acne.
First, remove the mango pulp and put it on the acne. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
2. Preventing diabetes
People with high sugar level can also use mango to ward of early diabetes. Mango helps in moderating insulin levels in the blood  This is due to mangiferin, a substance with antidiabetic properties.
The home remedy involves boiling the tender mango leaves and soaking it overnight. The next morning, the decoction is filtered and taken.
3. Treating diarrhea and constipation
Mango is rich in prebiotic fibers which helps in growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Additionally, here is another fact. Giardia, a water borne parasite, infects humans and causes diarrhea. A study in Mexico was done with 14 different plants to determine their antigiardisic properties. Mango was found to be very effective in destroying the parasite.
For diarrhea the remedy is prepared thus;
Grind the dried mango leaves or flowers to a powdered form. Take a teaspoon full of this powder along with honey once a day. Or
Grind mango peel and mix it with buttermilk and take twice daily.
Mango is a natural laxative and can be used for treating constipation. For constipation consume unripe mango along with honey and salt.
4. Gaining weight and stimulating appetite
Putting on some weight or eating much food can be a challenge for some. Well you could solve that issue with mangoes.
A normal-sized mango usuallu weighs about 200 g and contains 150 kcal combined with 28 g of carbohydrates, protein and negligible amount of fat.
Eating mango along with milk will help you gain weight.
This home remedy can play a role of a strong natural appetite stimulant, thus useful in treating anorexia.
Natural remedies with mango
5. Treating toothache and other dental problems
You can make a good toothpasts with dried mango seeds. It also strengthens the gums and helps in curing pyorrhoea.
Also chew tender leaves to avoid bleeding in the gums and reducing pain from toothache. A tooth powder can be made from burnt mango leaves, which also relieves toothache
6. For treating bilious disorders
Bilious disorders are problems associated with the liver or bile secretions. The liver plays an important role in the body, so any disorder affecting it can be harmful.
The acids present in green mangoes enhance the secretion of bile and act as intestinal antiseptic. Consuming green mangoes daily with honey and pepper will help in treating biliousness.
7. Treating diphtheria and other throat disorders.
Diphtheria is an infectious ddisease of the respiratory tract that is accompanied with sore throat and difficulty in breathing.
The remedy is prepared with mango bark. The fluid is extracted and is used as a gargle. The gargle is prepared by mixing 10 ml. of the fluid extract with 125 ml. of water.
8. Treating heat stroke
Heat stroke is a common problem in the summer. A herbal remedy prepared with mango can be used to hydrate the body and cure heat stroke.
To prepare this remedy, unripe mangoes are steamed and boiled  wwith sugar and salt, it is a nice remedy for heat exhaustion and heat stroke in summer.
9. Preventing Anemia
Mango is extremely rich in iron. This makes is a superb fruit for preventing anemia and improving blood production. Freshly prepared mango juice taken daily will help you prevent anemia.
10. Preventing piles
To prevent piles, boil tender raw mango with tamarind leaves and eat. Alternatively, grind mango seeds and mix with buttermilk. When taken twice a day it helps people with piles.
Additional remedy: For treating cough mix mango juice with honey and take daily.
I really hope you enjoyed reading as well as learnt something new and beneficial. Now there are two things you should do. First, keep visiting youmustgethealthy.com for more amazing and helpful articles. Second, make sure you use mango and benefit fully from it. Thanks!
Natural remedies with mango

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