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Infographic: Natural Ways To Increase Breast Size

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Society has always been influenced immensely by popular culture, and in recent years, social media, especially in terms of influencing how we dress, look, talk, shop, and even eat. As the media continues to influences us like never before, the “perfect” female body has become a highly successful marketing campaign for cosmetic surgeons. Among the many cosmetic surgeries available today, breast enhancement remains the most popular procedure for women in the United States. In 2012, the number of breast-enhancing surgeries exceeded 300,000 – a statistic that grows with each passing year. While the end results are highly sought after, what most people do not consider is the potentially dangerous effects it has on one’s health plus the incredibly high cost(s).

Natural ways to increase breast size

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a more ample bust, having to undergo a risky surgery and pay thousands of dollars is what stops most women from having the bust of their dreams. Over the years, studies and tests have been conducted to discover the best and most effective natural bust-enhancing alternatives. If you are one of the many women who desire a larger bust but are worried about the implications it has on your health and the bank-breaking costs, then you should know that there are safe and cheap alternatives that can help you to naturally enhance your bust.

Natural ways to increase breast size

With a growing number of alternatives available, these are the methods that have been tested and guaranteed by thousands of women. Possibly the two most popular and most natural breast-enhancing alternatives include taking herbal supplements and natural breast enhancement pills. The three most commonly used herbs, that are also found in breast enhancement pills, are: fennel, wild yam (used as a herbal tonic for women), and fenugreek. These herbs contain estrogenic compounds that retain fluid and assist with naturally increasing your breast tissue, making it one of the most cost-effective methods for naturally increasing your bust. The second alternative, breast enhancement pills, typically contain a combination of these natural herbs plus non-herbal ingredients, such as L-Tyrosine, that aid in boosting the production of growth hormones and build muscle.

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Several other ways to naturally enhance your bust include using topical creams can assist in stimulating your body’s natural growth process, which your body experiences during pregnancy (without prompting milk production) and puberty. These creams are 100% safe for long-term use and provide visible results for those who do not want to take any pills or supplements. The final way to naturally increase your cup size is to begin hormone or hormone replacement therapy which will aid in boosting estrogen and progesterone. The several methods of hormone therapy include injections, creams, nasal mists, pills, patches, and suppositories. These methods require patience and dedication, as the results are not instant and will occur over time.

While you may have once believed that the only way to obtain the bust of your dreams was through an expensive and potentially dangerous surgery, there are now many natural and affordable ways to look and feel your best!

The infographic below shows the natural ways you can increase breast size:

Source:Can Breast Pills Make Your Breasts Bigger?

The objective is to live a healthier and happier life. So if you want to increase your bust size, the natural way is better.

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