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What Can You Expect from an Advanced Root Canal Treatment in Huntington Beach

Root canal treatment
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The city of Huntington Beach, CA, attracts about 11 million visitors every year. Being located merely 35 miles from LA, 95 miles from San Diego, and close to other such noteworthy tourist spots means the local food and beverage industry has its hands always full. Such foods are bound to impact the oral health of their connoisseurs.

When tooth pain gets too painful to carry on with daily life, it could be a sign of plaque wreaking havoc inside. Specialized treatment for a root canal in Huntington beach helps preserve the tooth while removing the nasty stuff causing the problems, with state-of-the-art facilities and qualified professionals.

Services to Be Expected

Root Canal treatment aims to bring advanced solutions to patients in the city. This will help solve a myriad of problems, and such services are only getting better.

Primary Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is essential when the root canal is infected by bacteria, causing the nerves and other vital things to decay. An abscess is formed as a result, which, if left unattended, will cause the whole canal to deteriorate and the tooth to come off.

To solve this, the endodontist will perform a root canal treatment with the following steps: 

  • The region is X-rayed to get an accurate picture of what is happening there, and consequently, plan a course of action to most effectively treat it.
  • Local anesthesia will be administered to prevent any pain that might arise during the procedure, though the death of nerve cells means it may not be necessary.
  • A rubber dam is inserted across the section to prevent saliva from moisturizing the area, as the tooth needs to be dry.
  • An access hole is drilled into the area to remove the pulp, pus, and infected material. Water or sodium hypochlorite is continuously sprayed to remove the debris. 
  • The area is cleaned using a set of files specially made for this purpose. 
  • Once cleaned, the hole is filled and sealed. This process can occur on the same day or later, depending on the nature of the infection. A temporary seal is used to prevent food and water from entering the hole in the latter case. 
  • Medications will be administered during and post-operation. Tooth restoration is the final process, where a crown or other such accessory is placed to protect it and help restore full function.
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Root canal treatment

Root Canal Restoration

Sometimes, a tooth might need retreatment even after a root canal procedure. This is usually when it gets reinfected (which is rare), or there’s still a lot of pain post previous treatment. 

In retreatment, patients can expect to have the previous filing removed and the procedure repeated with a new filing. A biocompatible restoration will be done to prevent such a recurrence. 

Hard leisure activity on the beach or the sea can result in injuries that can cause damage to the treated tooth, requiring such procedures.

Root Canal Microsurgery

When non-surgical methods can’t solve the root canal problem, microsurgery might be required. A route is carved through the gums to reach the infected region and remove the unwanted material and root tip. Your gums are stitched and allowed to heal. The bone will finally heal and encompass the root end once more.

Proper treatment for a root canal in Huntington Beach will allow anyone with root canal problems to have it solved and get on with enjoying the sun, surf, and food the city has to offer by using the best methods and procedures. 



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