All You Need to Know About Nursing Agencies

Nursing Agencies
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Nurses vacancies remain high across the world, and the current demand is surpassing the supply. They are among the highest paid healthcare professionals in the world. Medical facilities across the globe depend on staffing agencies to alleviate critical staffing challenges. In this guide, we are telling you everything that you need to know about nursing agencies.

How Does Nursing Agencies Operate?

Nursing agencies basically offer nurse placements to healthcare centres that are experiencing difficulty in filling temporary or permanent positions. They formulate a contract for registered nurses to work in different medical centres. The employment of international nurses has become highly popular in order to reduce the gap between demand and supply. Considering that internationally-educated medical professional is expensive for healthcare centres, nursing agencies offer international nurse staff, which is becoming quite common. Basically, these agencies sponsor a visa for international nurses and charge a particular fee for the RN.

Basically, these agencies work to streamline the entire process of staffing for hospitals and medical professionals. Some of the best nursing agencies also provide services including housing, education and training programs, ongoing support, etc. Moreover, it is imperative to comprehend, the benefits one would obtain when choosing a nursing agency.


Nursing Agencies

Nursing Agencies

What are the Types of Placements?

Following are the placements types you will avail with a nursing agency –

  • Pro Re Nata or Per Diem 

Per Diem translates to per day and is basically hiring nursing on the call with contracts varying between one day and various weeks. In this, nurses do not have a specific working hour. They are ideal for immediate demand for last-minute cancellation as their services can be obtained instantly. These types of nursing are more flexible when compared to PRN nursing.

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Moreover, Pro re nata means as needed, and this type of nursing need the nurses to comply with staffing stipulations in order to retain employment.


  • Permanent Placement Contracts or Temp-to-Perm 

Temp-to-perm or permanent placement contracts are ideas for RNS allow you to find employment on a preferred geographical location with the intent to sign an agreement for full-time after a specific time period. When temp employees are associated with agencies, they go through the less strenuous transition process.

Moreover, permanent placement agencies offer direct hire for nurses in a pre-decided fee. The fees generally range to 20-25% of the overall annual salary with no retention or guarantee. It is a good option for professionals who want to commit to a location for the long term. A good resume can help you get a permanent nursing job. You can visit to help you write a professional resume.

  • Travel Nursing 

Travellers often work on short-term contracts that vary between four and six weeks (at times longer). These types of professionals come from different geographical location and are hired to fill temporary employment gaps.

Additionally, these contracts are generally performed on a case-by-case basis and depend on the need of the hospitals. Travel nurses are not recommended for hospitals that are dealing with a chronic shortage of work. With travel nurses, there is a higher risk of workplace animosity with other staff members. You should ensure you sign up up with a reputable Travel Nursing Agency that will help you with the entire process.


  • International Nurse Staffing 

International nurses are hired through nursing agencies to work in an overseas location. These nurses work on a contract at the medical facility until they have been hired as full-time staff. The contract can vary between two and three years, depending on the healthcare facility. A benefit of this type of staffing is that there are high stability and reduced burnout out.

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What are the Factors to Consider While Hiring a Nursing Agency?

There are many nursing agencies out there; however, not every organization is suitable for you. Following are some of the factors that you need to consider while associating with a nursing agency.

  • Price of Service
  • Speed of Service
  • Quality of Service

Ensure that you thoroughly assess each of these factors to get what you are paying for.

Why Partner With Nursing Agency?

Associating with nurse staffing agencies is a great idea if you are looking to increase your current staff. Whether you are looking for permanent placement or someone who can fill a temporary position for a couple of weeks, staffing agencies enables medical centres the flexibility to adjust their staff during emergency situations.

Nursing agencies specialize in hiring experienced and skilled candidates to cater to the evolving demands of the healthcare sector. Moreover, best nursing agencies possess industry expertise and are dedicated to providing their clients with credible staffing services. Moreover, well-regarded agencies are constantly looking to streamline their processes to offer quality services to their clients that align with your organization’s need.

With the rising nursing shortage, there is a serious need for a long-term solution to curb this issue. Adequate nurse staffing is imperative in improving patient outcomes and preventing RN burnouts.  More and more healthcare facilities are comprehending the prominence of investing in a versatile approach towards staffing. In order to improve their staffing, medical centres across the globe are associating with staffing agencies for better placements.


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