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Dental Health: What To Eat and Avoid (Infographic) 

Dental Health: What To Eat and Avoid
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The health of your teeth largely depends upon what you eat. Some foods provide your teeth with the required vitamins and minerals, whereas some food items may be the reason for tooth decay and cavities. Maintaining good oral health can provide you with many benefits that can also have a positive impact on your overall health. Below we have listed the best and worst foods for your teeth that’ll help you make the right choices to enhance your dental health.

What to Eat: Best Foods For Your Teeth

1. Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are excellent for your teeth. They are full of vitamins and minerals that promote oral health. Some of the leafy vegetables that are good for your teeth include kale, cabbage, spinach and asparagus. The magnesium in them keeps your teeth strong and prevents the chances of cavities, while the calcium helps strengthen the enamel. Also, pregnant women need to include vegetables in their diet as it contains folic acid, which prevents gum diseases.

2. Milk and Dairy Products

Packed with calcium, protein and vitamin D, milk and dairy products are superfoods for healthy gums and teeth. They help restore minerals that you lose while chewing food. Cheese helps in increasing your saliva, which reduces the risk of tooth decaying. Whereas, yoghurt has probiotics that are good for your gums. 

3. Almonds and raisins

Unlike candies, almonds do not contain sugar, which decreases the chances of plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth. They are also rich in antioxidants that protect your teeth from radicals and helps heal oral wounds. Raisins terminate the growth of oral bacteria, thereby eliminating the risk of cavities and gum diseases. Almonds and raisins are not only a healthy snack, but also promotes dental health, as they have calcium, protein, dietary fibre, and vitamins in them.

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Dental Health: What To Eat and Avoid

What to Avoid: Worst Foods For Your Teeth

1. Sticky and chewy candies

Sweet candies and toffees are foods that tend to stick in between your teeth crevices for longer, thereby causing cavities. It is recommended to avoid eating them. But, if you do eat them regularly, make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards. 

2. Sugary sodas and carbonated drinks

These can cause severe damage to your oral health. Drinking sugary sodas and carbonated drinks can slow down the saliva production affecting your breath. They also cause tooth decay, and drinking large amounts of it daily can stain your teeth.

3. Coffee and tea

Excessive tea and coffee can stain your teeth and make your mouth feel dry. Even though tea and coffee in their natural form are very healthy, when sugar is added, it can make your teeth sticky and lead to the growth of plaque-causing bacteria. Therefore, limit your consumption to 1-2 cups a day and have plenty of water afterwards to maintain healthy teeth.

Refer to this infographic for more information on the best and worst foods for your teeth. You can also download/print this infographic for free, for reference purposes.

Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth [Infographic]

Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth Infographic


Bottom Line

Eat more foods that will benefit your dental health, and avoid or limit foods which are detrimental to dental health.


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