Health Care Reform: Why are people so Worked up?

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healthcare reform


Why Health care reform is needed, is the most discussed matter of today and we are going to enlighten major causes of health care reform. It is though very important to go deep into the medical history to understand the high cost of medical treatment which is the major cause of demanded reform but due to an inadequate knowledge, we sometimes are helpless to answer our doubts. We can day that the high cost of medical treatments is the main cause of being bankrupt today and it badly shakes the budget of a common man if he is caught in some serious illness. The Cost of US health care system is recorded two time higher than any other developed country and it is rising with every passing day. It is estimated that healthcare departments contribute a total of 17.8% to GDP.

What are the main reasons of the costs too high? The studies show that there are three main reasons for the medical care costs too high.

1.       There are two stages of life where getting treated is most expensive than your entire life, the initial stage and the ending stage of human life. A lot of researches has been done to make the incubator and ventilator stages better. A few years back, it was impossible to save babies who are born premature, now it has made possible and it is a great achievement, but still it is too difficult for an average earner to get that treatment. Same is the case with the last days of life when a person is seriously ill and he needs a complete support system to maintain his breathing and heart rate and other systems to work properly. It is even more expensive than the prior one. Many countries limit the approach to this level of health care, when the chances are low that it will work, it is not applied.
2.       Second reason is that doctors are suggesting medical tests and assessment more likely when there is no need for that. There are some specific tests which cost really high and those are done only when there is a matter of life and death. But it is a common practice today to get MRI and CT SCAN of patient even if that is not needed.
3.       Another reason is that health insurance benefits make it impossible for most of us to know the actual cost we are paying for medical care. We are just paying premier and getting health care when needed. We pay only a small amount and the rest our insurance company is paying so we don’t care about the detailed description of medical bill we have cleared.

Why Reforming Health care is needed?

Health care reform is needed due to the pace of increase in health care costs. Studies says that within ten years, the cost of medical care is more than double and by 2030, payroll taxes are going to cover 38% of Medical care cost. The rest will subsidize to Federal budget subtraction.  Secondly, health care reform is needed to improve the quality of health care. Most of the citizen in a developed country like US are under a great influence of chronic diseases. Over 70% of US citizen die due to chronic diseases. It is evaluated that till 2023, diabetes and cancer will increase by 50% whether heart disease will grow up to 40%. Strokes will be occurring 25% more and lungs disease will spread to 30% more than existing rate. The cost that is consumed for health care can be decreased if disease prevention and wellness programs are arranged.

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Another reason for healthcare reform is that approximately 25% of US citizen are living without health insurance policy. It increases the chances of being unable to control illness and that causes death rate increasing rapidly. Many of them sell their homes to get health care but it is often of no use. It is not only bad for them but also for economy that it increased the bankrupt average rapidly.

How economy will be impacted due to health care reform:

Health Care Reform

 The health care reform started showing its impacts too early that in 2011, more than 600,000 young people were insured and due to act provision, children who are under 26 years are covered by their parent’s insurance policy. It also got into advantage of insurance companies who started getting premium from young people who need lesser health care provision, it increased the profit to a record limit for the first quarter of 2011. Secondly, around 50% of small business holder invested in health care benefits. More insured small business employees mean lesser bankruptcies. Their credit score was getting better due to higher consumer demand so that allowed them to spend more. Economy got a big boost that year. Study showed that there were lesser bankruptcies than 2010.


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