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Healthy Meats You Can Eat

Healthy meat you can eat
Everybody loves meat, it’s the best part of a meal.  Meats are also important sources of protein and other nutrients. Which just means that they are very important to us.
But there’s a popular notion about eating meat. Some people generally believe that meats are somewhat unhealthy and has a lot of health risks. Most especially red meat, which is known to pose a lot of health risks.
 Now here’s the real deal, they are a lot if meats, gotten from different sources and also have different nutritional content. So, some might be healthier than others. Which, leads to a question, what makes a meat healthy?
What makes a meat healthy?

There are certain factors that can determine if a meat is to termed healthy. A few are;
∆ The conditions by which the meat is gotten:- If the meat is gotten from a livestock that was bred in a polluted or dirty area, the meat won’t be so healthy.
∆ Fat content:-  Meats with very high fat content aren’t considered healthy and could increase the risk of getting other diseases. For example red meat has 60% fat content.
∆ Nutritional content:- Some meat have more nutritional value than others, these make them more healthier and safe.
∆ Proper cooking:- No meat can be deemed healthy, when it’s not cooked properly.
Healthiest Meats
The healthiest meat you can eat are:
1. Chicken

Chicken meat is a very healthy meat. It has a massive amount of protein content, which is very cool because protein has a lot of functions it carried out in the body.
However, there is a  risk of microbial infection, if you are consuming chicken. The best thing to do is to cook or heat it to a temperature of at least 160F to eliminate the microbes.
Note that, chicken shouldn’t be deep fried.
2. Turkey

Turkey is also another meat that is an excellent source of protein. The main nutrient turkey contains is selenium. Selenium helps in fighting against infections and also prevents heart diseases.
Another  great thing about turkey meat is that it is very low in fat, about 7% fat. Additionally, it’s a lot more delicious than chicken.
Healthy meat you can eat
3. Beef

Beef is a healthy meat gotten from large cattles. The protein content is also high, although it’s also high in fat, say about 20 to 40 percent fat.
The main nutrient in beef is vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and also boosts your immune system.
Ground beef is leaner and contains less saturated fat. However, if you want cook  beef that has a lot of fat , you should reduce the fat content by cutting all visible fat before cooking.
4. Pork

Pork meat is the meat gotten from pigs. Most people don’t consider pork healthy, however take a look at it’s nutritional values first.
First of all, lean cuts that is, tenderloin, loin chops and sirloin roast are the healthiest forms of fat. Bacon is very high in unsaturated fat.
Lean cuts of pork have notable amount of protein, fewer fat and B-vitamins constituents more than any other meat. These vitamins are essential in a lot of body functions, especially improving metabolism.
Additional: Fish
Although many people won’t consider fish as a meat, fish is very healthy for you. It can be said to be an alternative to meat.
Fish are a great source of omega 3 fatty acid, which reduces the risk of having heart diseases. However, fish should be eaten moderarely because of the high amount mercury present.
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