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How Does Breast Augmentation Affect Breastfeeding?

How Does Breast Augmentation Affect Breastfeeding?
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Having a fuller bust line can make some women feel more attractive. But there are some serious concerns when they have children. The big question is: can they breastfeed if they have breast augmentation? Will a new mother have to resort to formula to feed their newborn? Worry no longer as those concerns as to whether you can breastfeed after breast augmentation are answered.

The Kind Of Surgery Matters

If you’ve contacted your local breast augmentation salt lake city clinic about surgery, then you might wonder in the back of your mind if you’ll be able to breastfeed if you have a child. The real answer is that it depends.

If the incisions are under the folds of the breast or through the armpit, then you should have no problems breastfeeding.

If the incision was made around the areola, however, then you may have difficulties breastfeeding as some of the milk ducts may have been severed.

“How Will I Know?”

You won’t be able to know whether your ability to breastfeed has been impacted until you actually try to breastfeed for the first time. You might be able to produce some milk for your infant and then supplement it with infant formula milk.

Even if you are able to produce enough breastmilk, you should still speak to your GP or health provider and let them know that you have breast implants so that they can keep track of your baby’s weight to ensure that they are getting enough milk.

Are There Side Effects Of Breast Augmentation In Relation To Breastfeeding?

One of the more common side effects is more intense breast engorgement, which can end up being more painful than you realize. In the event that you get mastitis (an infection that takes place in the breast), then you may experience more pain and a higher fever than women who haven’t had breast augmentation.

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If you are concerned about any of these symptoms, you should speak with your health provider immediately.

Can Silicon Implants Harm The Baby?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics, silicon implants don’t pose a safety issue for breastfeeding babies. In fact, there’s actually more silicon found in baby formula and cow’s milk than in breast milk. For this reason, breast implants should not impact a breastfeeding baby’s health whatsoever.

How Does Breast Augmentation Affect Breastfeeding?

Does Breast Augmentation Reduce Milk Flow?

There is no definitive answer to this question because it entirely depends on the individual. Some women who get breast augmentation do not have enough glandular tissue in the first place so they wouldn’t be able to produce enough breast milk, even without the implants.

In other cases, as mentioned before, some mild ducts can be severed during the surgery which can impact milk flow.

In either case, whether you choose to have breast augmentation or not, it’s always a good idea to contact your health provider if you’re interested in becoming pregnant and breastfeeding.

Knowing what’s to come and planning beforehand can make it much easier for you to know what risks you’re willing to take when it comes to keeping your newborn healthy.

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