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How Do Drug Detox Programs Really Work

Do you know that 142 people die each day in the United States due to drug overdose? Drug Abuse is not just a national problem but a global health issue.

How Do Drug Detox Programs Really Work

Many people who are addicted to drugs need help to recover from there addiction. They have seeked out manifold solutions to get rid of their affliction and get better. One of the most common solutions is drug detox. You might have probably heard about it, so what is  drug detox? How do drug detox programs work? How can you successfully recover from your addiction through drug detox?   It is essential to find rehab facilities that provide medical detox services to prepare you for the rest of your treatment program. Withdrawal symptoms can range in severity, but certain substances can have life-threatening consequences. The most important thing to remember is that seeking medical assistance makes the withdrawal process much safer and more successful.

I will be making sure you get the answers to all the above questions, so please read on and make sure you benefit from this article.

What is Drug Detox?

How Do Drug Detox Programs Work

Drug detoxification is a medical intervention process which stabilizes a person who is dependent on drugs. It is a medical treatment that facilitates an individual’s withdrawal from drug dependence or addiction. During drug detox, medical professionals supervise and help a patient recover from his or her addiction. It is imperative to note that drug detoxification does not always address the causes of addiction, like social factors, parental upbringing, psychological addiction, or behavioral issues. You might then wonder, do drug detox really work? Yes it does. Drug detox can help you prevent unpleasant or even fatal consequences resulting from drug abuse or from sudden
cessation of drug use. It is an effective method which aids the patient to abstain from drugs. The next question is how do drug detox work? Let’s find that out.

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How do Drug Detox Programs Work?

How Do Drug Detox Programs Work

Before you begin to understand how drug detox works, you should also know why drug detox is important. When someone becomes dependent on
drugs, and then decides to withdraw, it can often be difficult and even dangerous.  The patient could experience symptoms such as seizures, anxiety, hallucinations, insomnia, and suicidal behavior. Although it might not be fatal, it will so uncomfortable. This is the reason a drug detox program is very essential.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services stated three recognized steps in a drug detoxification process, they are: Evaluation, Stabilization, and Guiding Patient into Treatment.

1. Evaluation: The first step in a drug detox program is the evaluation process. Here, the a patient is first evaluated to see which drug substances they consume, how often they take them, the amount substances they consume and how long they have been consuming them. This step is very vital because it helps the doctor find out the best possible way to help the patient. They also evaluate addicts about any other health concerns or allergies they might have. All this relevant information will help them determine the best drug detox treatment for the patient.

2. Stabilization: The next step is the stabilization process. Here, the patient is guided through the process of detoxification following withdrawal. This is usually done with the use of medications. These medications are extremely effective in helping patients to stop drug addiction. They help to mitigate drug cravings. Some common medications include, methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone and Disulfiram etc. These drugs have side effects. Stabilization process varies according to persons drug history, so might take longer than the other.

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3. Guiding Patient into Main Drug Treatment: The final step involved in the drug detoxification process is to guide the patient into the main drug recovery process. You see, the truth is that drug detoxification can only help a patient with physical dependency to drugs. Like I mentioned earlier, it does not address the psychological, spiritual or mental aspects of drug addiction.

There are three common types of drug detox programs, outpatient detox. inpatient detox and opoid detox.

How to Have a Successful Drug Detox?

How Do Drug Detox Programs Really Work

To ensure that you have a successful drug detox, you need to do the following:


  • Cooperate with the doctors
  • Be honest when answering questions from the doctors.
  • Ask questions too and find out all the relevant information before beginning the detox.
  • Inform your doctor immediately you feel like you might relapse or experience any symptom.

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A drug detox program is much more safer and effective. Alternative methods exist like at-home drug detox and drug detox kits. These methods might work but are disadvantageous, because they are unsafe, may not work and cannot help in case there is a relapse.

Remember that drug detox is not just enough. All patients must
ensure that they move into the actual drug treatment, like drug rehab,  after detox, so as to achieve full recovery. Aftercare program, psychiatric care. drug education classes and counseling are good activities that should follow a drug detox.

Do all these and you will live a sober, happy life.

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