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How To Stay Sober: 10 Tips For Your Recovery

How To Stay Sober
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In earlier days recovery from substance abuse used to be much more challenging. 

With improved techniques and methodologies, your rehabilitation process has become less complex and highly effective. 

The only possession that one needs to have during this time is a willingness to get completely as signs of withdrawal occur. In this article, different ways to stay Sober are prescribed. 

This could unlock the path of recovery.  

There are many kratom detox options one could take a look at if one wants to stay sober for a lifetime.

What Do We Mean By Sobriety?

Sobriety is indicated by a state where you are not under the influence of a substance. The word is used in different contexts. 

There are people that experience many setbacks before they reach the stage of recovery.

Sobriety could also be the stage where one experiences a state of total abstinence. This could be termed one kind of well-being having recovered from the dark alleys of substance abuse.

Drug Or Substance Abuse 

Substance Abuse is a stage where individual struggles to curb its triggers. It repeatedly goes for the drugs and after having quenched the instance falls under the sea of guilt.

In this very stage, one turns out to be completely helpless as one can not say no to its inner desire of consuming drugs or substances.

There are different substances that are consumed by the ones addicted and these include:

  • Drugs such as Cannabis, Ecstasy, Heroin, Cocaine, and LSD.  
  • Alcohols like wine, Gine, Vodka. 
  • Prescribed Medicines.
  • Solvents like Aerosol of Glue.

10 Tips For Your Recovery

It is an uphill to get Sober and Stay Sober. Once you have recovered, your task is not ended but has begun. You need to be extremely strong and resilient during this time. 

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You need to do them all that will keep you mentally alert. Otherwise again you might have to meet the old fate after all the hard work and pain put in. 

Here are certain tips that will keep you mentally alert so that the journey towards wellness is facilitated. 

1. Caring For Your Mental Health

Mental illness and addiction go side by side. Now that you have worked hard towards your addiction you simply cannot overlook your mental illness. 

You need to make sure that you are resorting to the advice of your psychologists. 

If you don’t work on your mental health then you will recede back or relapse. This might make things more difficult for you now. 

2. Join Support Groups Therapy Session 

You now need to join support groups where you could talk freely about the experience of your journey. This will inflict an added sense of responsibility of keeping fit. 

Your journey towards wellness will be emulated by others. Joining the support groups and creating awareness against substance abuse will mentally charge up.

Therefore, meet with new people and share your experience with them. Be motivated and inspire others. 

3. Learning To Do Things Alone

Keep a tough but engaging daily schedule. Simply keep yourself busy in positive activities. Partake in the activities that you most love. You could:

  • Learn new instruments from Experts. 
  • Read a book or write poetry or prose.
  • Give free or paid classes on the subject of your strengths. 
  • Learn a new language.
  • You could choose some hobby like kitchen gardening. This is considered a good pastime and engagement.
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4. Identify Your Personal Triggers 

You now need to value the importance of this time. The lion’s share of your task towards victory and wellness is completed. 

Now what you need to do is identify the external triggers that impregnate your thoughts and cravings for substance use. 

There are certain common triggers like relationship troubles, environment related issues, financial problems, emotional distress, and anxiety.

After you have identified your triggers, start to build psychological resistance against the triggers.

5. Prepare Hard Against Post Withdrawal  Syndrome 

Post Recovery withdrawal urges are inevitable. These symptoms are related often to mood and they include fatigue, sleeping issues, anxiety, and depression

These rising symbols might elevate your urge towards withdrawal. But you need to be mentally prepared to overcome this very period. 

6. Build Healthy Relationships 

You need to interact with new people and make sure that you are fully recovered from the past days. You might remember your old drinking buddies or the drug dealers! 

Simply keep them aside and move forwards. 

Try to build a new relationship. Try to stay firm with your loved ones. Give her faith that you are a better version. Try to win her heart. This will be mutually good for maintaining new relationships. 

7. Develop A Structured Schedule 

Now that you are completely on the path of recovery, try to build a structured schedule and work according to that. Remember that you have come across the dark days of disorganized lifestyle.

Something similar will completely mar your efforts. If possible, take help from experts and stick to the routine. 

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8. Practice Healthy Living 

Drug misuse has taken quite a heavy toll on your body. It has harmed you from within—Your physical as well as your emotional health. Now you are on the threshold of recovery, you now need to keep a healthy lifestyle. 

A healthy lifestyle includes:

  • Eating well-balanced meals.
  • Getting ample sleep. 
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Recreational activities.
  • Practicing yoga and meditation.

9. Focus On Your Finance 

Financial trouble dragged you into the crater of suffering. Now that you have come out of it, you now have ensured that you make your finances strong and stable enough. 

Take baby steps and engage in any kind of financial activity that suits your personality. Don’t ever think of fixing things at one go. 

10. Find Balance In Your Life 

The success of a happy life lies in striking a balance between needs and wants. Always look for a healthy lifestyle. Give time to your loved ones. 

Engage yourself in meaningful as well as recreational activities. Learn and adopt new skills in life–it could be a new language or a  new musical instrument. Finally, make new and supportive friends. 


The path post recovery from substance is steeped in challenges and complexities. Withdrawal symptoms will trouble you hard. 

You’ve got to fight your triggers and move towards the path of success in life… come what may. 

Constantly motivate and engage yourself in positive activities. Do not succumb to negativities and follow a well-disciplined, well-structured life. 

Be The Winner!!!

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