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How To Easily Treat A Burn Blister That Has Popped

How to treat a burn blister that has popped
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Getting burns on your skin are not pleasing at all. Apart from the pain, a burn can disfigure your skin and give it a bad appearance. The wound from the burn on your skin can develop into a burn blister.

Burn blisters occur, when after the skin gets burnt, the upper layer if the skin detaches from the lower layer. Either friction or heat cause burn blisters. It is possible that some other skin conditions or other medical ailments can cause burn blisters too. Fluid is present in the space between skin layers, which leads to an edema.

Treating burn blisters are easier when they have not yet burst or when the fluid isn’t drained, because the layer of unbroken skin may help keep bacteria out of the skin. Nevertheless, burn blisters might eventually burst open. When a burn blister that has popped, burst or has torn open, it is messy, painful and needs even extra care to prevent the skin from getting an infection.

However, there are some easy things you can do to initially care for your burst blister that has popped open and treat it until it becomes better. You will learn how to treat a burn blister that has popped in this comprehensive article.

How To Treat A Burn Blister That Has Popped

How to treat a burn blister that has popped

When it comes to treating a blister that has popped, it involves providing comfort and preventing infection while the blister heals.

Here are some simple tips for taking care of a burn blister that has popped open.


1. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the burn blister

Getting an infection to your skin will come if you continually touch the burn blisters with your hands if it is not properly washed.

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Use soap or disinfectant and warm water to wash your hands before touching the blister. Spend time washing your hands, don’t just wash for a few seconds.
Doing this will prevent the spread of germs, which could cause an infection in the skin.


2. Clean the burn blister with a mild soap

Wash the affected area thoroughly with mild soap and with cool water. Don’t scrub the blister, use a clean gauze to pat it dry. Scrubbing it will tear the skin further.
When cleaning the burst burn blister, avoid the use of alcohol, iodine, or hydrogen peroxide, because they all irritate the exposed skin.


3. Leave the skin to dry

After cleaning the burn blister with mild soap and water, allow the skin to dry for some few minutes.


4. Apply a skin ointment

Apply antibiotic or antiseptic skin ointment to the burn blister m. Use common ointments that contain include bacitracin, polymyxin B, or mixed antibiotic ointments and Betadine ointment.

Doing this will prevent the risk of getting infected.


5. Cover the burn blister with a clean bandage or gauze pad

Apply a sterilized and clean bandage over the blister. If you have smaller blisters, a simple bandage will do the trick. But for larger blisters, you may need to use a nonstick gauze pad fastened lightly with first aid tape. Make sure the tape of the bandage or adhesive surface does not come in contact with the blister.


6. Change the bandage daily

How to treat a burn blister that has popped

You should also change the bandage daily because it becomes wet or soiled from the fluid. Each time you finish changing the bandage, wash the affected area like I mentioned above and dried the area. Apply the antibiotic skin ointment to the skin again.
Replace with a new bandage on the blister until the skin has healed completely.

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7. Remove the skin flaps

Skin flaps are dead layers of skin that a visible on the skin after an injury. You should cut the skin flaps with sterilized scissors when your skin has recovered.

8. Watch out for any infections and consult a doctor immediately

If you notice any skin infection symptoms, you should immediately visit a dermatologist for adequate help.


Thanks for reading. I’m sure you now know how to treat a burn after the blister has popped.

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