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How to Improve Your Health After Years of Electronic Cigarette Smoking

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How to Improve Your Health After Years of Electronic Cigarette Smoking

Ever since the first commercially successful electronic cigarette appeared back in 2003, more and more former smokers of real cigarettes have made the switch, hoping that they can eventually quit smoking altogether. However, a 2017 study conducted by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill uncovered that using e-cigarettes might have the same harmful effects to one’s health as smoking real cigarettes.
Thankfully, you’ve managed to quit e-cigarette smoking years ago and now you’re wondering  how you can become healthy once again. Worry no more, as you have these steps to guide you to improving your health after years of smoking.

1. Surround Yourself With Fresh, Clean Air

How How to Improve Your Health After Years of Electronic Cigarette Smoking

Since the smoke coming out of electronic cigarettes is impure air, and you’ve already quit years ago, you don’t want to surround yourself with temptation. Here are some tips to get clear of cigarette smoke once and for all.

  • The indoor air of your house may still have traces of your e-cigarette smoking past in it. Consider installing a home air purifier, preferably one with a high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter that can take any trace elements from your old e-cigarettes as well as allergens and other tiny harmful particles out of your house’s indoor air.
  • You can also naturally purify the indoor air of your house by opening all the windows whenever the outside weather allows you to do so. It’s like an air purifier but a lot cheaper.
  • Getting yourself some fresh, clean air outdoors might be a bit more challenging as you go about your day, but if you can, either cover your nose with a handkerchief or wear a face mask whenever passing by areas with electronic and even real cigarette smokers in them.
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2. Exercise No Matter How Busy You Are

How to Improve Your Health After Years of Electronic Cigarette Smoking

You’ve most likely started smoking real cigarettes as a stress reliever after spending at least eight hours or even more seated at a desk and doing grunt work inside the four walls of an office cubicle. But now that you’ve put your e-cigarette-smoking past behind you, it’s time to get yourself moving and get back into tip top shape.

Since your lungs are the organs in your body are most directly affected by years of electronic cigarette smoking, you should consider doing cardio exercises. But as fancy as the term “cardio exercise” might sound, most of the activities under that heading are very basic and easy to incorporate into a busy life.

After all, even something as simple as brisk walking or jogging in place can go a long way towards improving your overall health.

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3. Reward Yourself With Rest

How to Improve Your Health After Years of Electronic Cigarette Smoking

Out of the various withdrawal symptoms you’ve likely felt after beginning a smoke-free lifestyle by quitting e-cigarette smokin, the one thing that you might find yourself still confronting from time to time is “smoking nostalgia,” wherein you’re tempted by your inner demons to go back to your old self-destructive habit.


  • To combat the smoking nostalgia that you’re feeling years after you’ve already quit smoking electronic cigarettes, you can try various meditation techniques and switch them up now and then so that your mind and body don’t hit a plateau.
  • And for every instance that you’ve successfully vanquished the voices in your head that tempt you to go back to electronic cigarette smoking, you should treat yourself with a massage or other gift so that you can get relaxed and detoxified at the same time.
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Finally stopping yourself from smoking that last electronic cigarette some years ago is already an outstanding feat that deserves congratulations! But that’s only half the battle, as you now have to find ways to improve your health so that you don’t have to reach for that battery-powered cigarette substitute anymore. Groups such as Ecassoc are also there to give you handy tips about your situation and how you can tackle your woes in a way that fits your needs.
As you make your journey back to optimal health, the steps listed above are there for you to follow so you can fully enjoy a smoke-free lifestyle. Your lungs and the rest of your body will thank you for taking care of them.

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  • My foster mum would smoke but then she quit and started using E cigarettes as her mechanism for quitting.And now she does not use the e cigarettes anymore which is great news!

  • These are some really handy tips. I've never smoked, but my dad smokes and I know my mom worries about him. I hope one day he will quit for once and for all, and I'll be sure to share these tips with him!

  • I think that these are great tips for anyone! Getting fresh air, relaxing and exercising are all important. I remember as a kid hating that my parents smoked, and I was so glad that they quit! E-cigarettes weren't even around then.

  • I’m one of those people who switched to vaping. I always knew it probably was still terrible for me, it just felt better than smoking the carcinogens in regular cigarettes. I need to quit. These are awesome suggestions for getting healthy again!

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