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7 Excellent Tips To Protect Your Hair This Summer

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After a long winter it is time to welcome summer and up the ante against the fight to protect the skin and hair. Summer is a great time to be outdoors and show off your best dresses and flaunt your style you have developed hibernating during the winter season. However it summer sun is harmful to the skin as well as to the hair because of the uv rays and a lot of pollution unique to the summer season. To protect the skin you need to apply a good quality high SPF sunscreens before venturing out in the sun and for hair natural hair care using giovanni hair products will be the best bet. Giovanni hair products have been the mainstay for people all across the world to keep their hair in the best shape. Apart from that you need to follow a strict regimen to make sure that you protect your hair to stop them from falling from your head. Hair have a profound effect on your personality which makes their protection all the more necessary in summers.

1. Protect your hair from the sun with Giovanni hair products

Tips To Protect Your Hair This Summer

Summers with the harsh sun can play spoil sport with the skin and hair.  We need to use a high SPF cream in order to protect our skin from the sun as the sun releases uv rays which are harmful for the skin, similarly we have to care our hair during summers. In summer due to sun hair get dry quite quickly thus losing the shine and texture. In order to protect hair we should at least use a hat or scarf to cover hair whenever we venture out in the sun. By doing this you not only protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays but will also help your scalp to maintain the moisture needed to keep your scalp healthy. Apart from that use a good conditioner to keep your scalp healthy and hydrated. Hair care products like Giovanni hair products and a Summer Hat will be the best investment this summer.

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2. Wash your hair before and after swimming 

Tips To Protect Your Hair This Summer

Washing hair before and after swimming is of utmost importance. After swimming a hair wash will help to wash out the chlorine and salt added to a swimming pool to keep it clean. Washing hair before swimming will help hair to absorb less water from the pool and help it maintain its texture. This will help us to protect hair from the chlorinated and salted water. Swimming pools are also a source of skin infections if one does not take a bath after swimming.
Applying a good quality shampoo preferably from Giovanni and a good soap will help you to keep skin and hair problems at bay.

3 . Deep condition your hair on regular bases 

Another useful hair care tip for this summer is to condition your hair on regular basis. One should condition hair at least once a week if you have a very tight schedule and can’t take out much time for your hair care. During summers the sun sucks out the moisture from the scalp and renders it dry which makes it a sitting duck for infections and skin related disorders. Hair damage and hair fall are the worst case scenarios if you are not able to look after your hair properly.  Conditioning with giovanni hair products will help to regain the all-important moisture that we are going to lose while venturing out in the sun.

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4. Oil massage once a week

Tips To Protect Your Hair This Summer

In order to retain your hair shine you should try a hot oil massage once a week. After 30 minutes you can wash and then condition as usual by doing this you will be nourishing your hair with the important nutrients that are needed for healthy hair plus it adds a shine to your hair. Oil helps retain the moisture in the scalp and adds nutrients which ensures a healthy shining texture. Choose your hair wisely. A good quality hair oil and massage will relax you and keep your mind and hair in the best shape.

5. Shampoo your hair frequently with  a good product 

During summers we will produce more sweat and oils which affects our hair texture because of the addition of a lot of impurities. Shampooing hair with giovanni hair products ensures the cleanliness of hair and scalp which results in the long flowing hair that can be flaunted whenever you venture out or even are indoors for a social do or a party. Make shampooing a regular feature in your daily regimen. Using a good quality shampoo is an investment that is going to pay you in the long run. Ensure to use a conditioner after washing your hair with a shampoo. Never ever apply bathing soap or any other kind of soap on hair.

6. Try to reduce the heat 

During summers avoid using a hair dryer on hair since the temperature is already more than the optimum that you hair need. Ironing and drying hair with a hair dryer is going to create problems for your hair in the long run. Hair roots might get weak while you apply a hair dryer or iron them. Weak hair roots will surely be a big reason for hair damage and hair fall.

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7. Keep the body hydrated

Keep body hydrated

During summers we get dehydrated easily. This affects our health and can cause hair fall. Drinking a lot of water and beverages is the best solution to keep the body hydrated and prevent hair fall. Having a lot of beverages which includes large quantities of water will help to flush out harmful toxins from our body and increase the nutrients being provided to the skin and hair roots.
This summers our hair need extra care and that extra care can be provided via giovanni hair products easily available in the market along with a few lifestyle changes.

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