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8 Outstanding Health Benefits Of Using Recreational Marijuana

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Whether you’re standing up or lying down there are many undisputed benefits to recreational pot smoking. Apart from proven medicinal properties, regular tope-smokers wax lyrical about its recreational usage. However, there are some pretty cool health benefits of recreational marijuana.


Standing Up

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, being stoned while standing up has a definite advantage over the long-arm of the law as there is no device available to check weed intoxication! That, apparently, will still be another two years in the making so, in the meantime, law enforcement officials must depend on old-fashioned methods like:

  • Walking the line
  • Standing on one leg
  • Eye-tracking an officer’s finger movements


Another downside to these cannabis intoxication determiners is that prosecutors and judges are somewhat skeptical about the subjectivity of this method to establish guilt.

Lying Down
How about the California Highway Patrol officer who was given a medical card to use marijuana for marital stress problems! The card was issued to him by a gynecologist at a pot festival attended by members of the medical profession, and according to the highway patrolman the incident illustrated just how easy it is to obtain cannabis.
Question: Does smoking weed improve your sex life?
Answer: Well, we’d have to ask the highway patrolman.
Now let’s take a look at some of the 8 top health benefits associated with recreational marijuana.


Health Benefits of Recreational Marijuana

Health Benefits Of Using Recreational Marijuana

1. Smoking weed makes you lose weight

Smoking a joint gives you the munchies, so how on earth can you lose weight? Strange but true because studies have found that regular pot smokers are less likely to become obese, even if they do munch vast quantities of food when stoned. Researchers have also found that pot smokers tend to have lower body-mass index scores than their more sober counterparts, and have a lower risk of becoming diabetic. Low body-mass index scores are indicators of good health. If you are in DC, and want to get best pot in dc, you should check out Purple Penthouse.

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2. Smoking weed improves lung capacity

Are you serious? How on earth can smoking week help improve your lungs? The fact that improving lung capacity is a health benefit of recreational marijuana. Well, according to a paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers state that taking big drags on that joint can “train” your lungs to become more efficient.



Health Benefits Of Using Recreational Marijuana

3. Smoking weed enhances creativity

Puffing on that tope will improve your verbal fluency! In 2012, a Consciousness and Cognition study found that smoking weed increased the verbal fluency of people with limited creativity to the same level as high creative subjects.


4. Smoking weed enhances athletic performance

Many athletes have lauded marijuana as a performance enhancer. Apart from that, athletes claim that weed helps them to recover more quickly from injury because of its anti-inflammatory properties.



5. Smoking weed kills cancer cells

Cannabis has established itself as a potent remedy in the fight against cancer, so much so that the US Government has conceded that marijuana is known to shrink cancer cells. However, researchers have stated that to-date there is insufficient evidence to support the claims although untold numbers of cancer sufferers have reported positive recovery results.


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6. Smoking weed is safer than drinking alcohol

According to an article in “Scientific Reports”, ingesting cannabis is 114 times less deadly than drinking alcohol.


Health Benefits Of Using Recreational Marijuana

7. Smoking weed fights heroin addiction

A recent study found that smoking weed helps opiate addict to kick the habit. The research was undertaken at Columbia University and established that smoking marijuana helped opiate addicts to sleep better and reduced their anxiety levels. According to other reports, opiate-related deaths have been on the decline in the American States that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

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8. Smoking weed fights chronic pain


Marijuana has been used for hundreds of years to treat pain. Take Whoopi Goldberg. Not only has she launched her very own line of cannabis products, she also uses it medically to ease her severe headaches related to glaucoma. Whoopi’s granddaughters also treat themselves with cannabis to fight severe cramping. And how about dear Queen Victoria who is claimed to be the first woman to have used cannabis to treat PMS?
Add into this mix Alzheimer prevention, pain relief for sufferers of Parkinson Disease and a Glaucoma treatment solution, as well as an endless list of other medical conditions, and it is easy to understand why there is a growing demand for cannabis.



Whether you are for or against using marijuana for recreational purposes, there can be no doubt that legalizing weed is becoming a tidal wave worldwide. Well, heck, just take a look at all the online marijuana sites to source your weed! Place your mail order and the weed delivery service of your choice will deposit your purchase at your door.


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