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The Importance of Using Incontinence Nappies for Adults

Written by Collins Nwokolo
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There is a huge demand for incontinence nappies for adults, and these nappies are necessary for individuals who suffer from incontinence or the inability to control their bladders or bowels. The purpose behind the nappies is to offer comfort to the individual and manage his problems while maintaining his dignity. The incontinence nappies offer superior levels of absorbency and allow the skin to breathe as well as neutralize odors. Thus, the user feels confident and comfortable as he can manage incontinence easier — three out of every five consumers use some type of incontinence product.


The Various Types of Incontinence Nappies

Incontinence nappies for adults

Incontinence nappies for adults

They are specially designed to offer better absorbency and superior comfort. They can be easily worn and removed because of adjustable side tapes, and they keep away any odors and prevent leakage. They are available in varying sizes like small to medium to large or extra-large. The absorbency levels can vary and suit the different levels of incontinence from moderate to heavy or severe. One can shop under different categories of incontinence nappies for adults such as discreet shaped pads, adult nappies, pull up pants or washable pants based on their needs.


What are the Incontinence Nappies for Adults made up of?

The incontinence nappies for adults are made up of high absorbency and impermeable material in multi-layered sheets. Usually, these incontinence pads or nappies are made of disposable materials like cotton or paper. They are manufactured in light and heavy grades based on the absorbency levels. They are available in different types such as inserts, pads, panty-liners and replacement underwear. In the healthcare settings where incontinence issues can be severe, the incontinence nappies for adults are made of quilted absorbent fabric in layers that alternate with impermeable plastic or polyurethane. Polyurethane is considered better as it is waterproof and allows air to circulate, thus lowering the risk of rashes and sores.

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Tips for Buying Incontinence Nappies for Adults

When shopping for incontinence nappies or diapers, one is often online? Or discreet about the quality, the costs and how to use them. The sizes and absorbency levels would differ from one adult to another, based on their needs and preferences. Thankfully, there is a vast variety of these products, and the sizes and brands for the incontinence nappies have grown in the market. Today, the sizes just keep getting bigger and bigger, and the huge ones are called Ultimate pads.


Factors to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Nappies

When shopping for incontinence nappies for adults, there are some aspects that one should keep in mind. The first important factor is the need and comfort level. Keep in mind that the costs of most absorbent incontinence pads are about 40% less than pull-on underwear. Moreover, many adults feel a lot more comfortable wearing pads. However, dignity is important, and one may need to get pull-on underwear for those suffering from severe incontinences. The adult should be able to work, sit and sleep without the fear of soiling the bed. Adults are advised to make their decisions based on the ease of use and the kind of protection they need.


How to Use Incontinence Nappies

When using incontinence nappies for adults, it is essential to know how to use them. They need to be replaced once they are soiled or have absorbed urine. Any soaked pad in contact with the user’s skin can lead to irritation. One should change the diaper or nappy and replace it with a clean, fresh one. These nappies or pads are specifically designed to absorb urine leakage and keep the skin protected from wetness and rash
Users are requested to follow the guidelines offered by the manufacturer.

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