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How to Maintain Healthy Oral Hygiene in Pregnancy

Oral hygiene in pregnancy
Written by Collins Nwokolo
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Taking special care of your body and health during pregnancy is a must, and proper oral care is no exception. The reason why you should pay particular attention to oral hygiene in pregnancy is that your increased hormone levels may make you susceptible to different mouth bacteria, causing further problems.
In order to prevent that, here is what you should do.

Oral hygiene in pregnancy

Oral Hygiene in Pregnancy

1. Avoid build-up of plaque

Plaque can spread during your pregnancy due to hormonal changes in your body. Your general oral hygiene may not be enough to protect you from plaque when you’re pregnant. In other words, your body may not be very successful in getting rid of plaque while you’re pregnant. If there is too much plaque, it can lead to gingivitis, which can then end up causing serious issues. This is why you should regularly visit your dentist to have your teeth properly cleaned.


2.  Watch out for gingivitis

Gingivitis is one of the most frequent problems in pregnant women. It usually develops in the first three months of the pregnancy. You can recognize it if your gums are swollen, red, sensitive or even bleeding.

Taking good oral care is also important for your baby because issues with gums can cause premature birth and also low weight at birth.


3. Erosion of tooth enamel

If you frequently experience morning sickness, this could cause you another problem in your oral health – your tooth enamel can get damaged. When you need to vomit frequently, the acid gets piled up in your mouth, destroying your tooth enamel. To prevent this, you need to neutralize the acid in your mouth – rinse your mouth with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water. Rinse your teeth before you brush them because the chances or erosion will be minimal then.

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4. Have regular visits to your dentist

When you’re pregnant, it is one more reason for you to regularly visit your dentists, if not even more often then you used to. It is also of utmost importance to include your dentist into your pregnancy. In Australia, pregnant women have frequent visits to their dentist to inform them of any changes in the dosage or the drugs they need to take during their pregnancy. As any reliable dentist in Wollongong, Sydney or any other Australian city will stress out; it is essential for the dentist to know everything about your medications and prenatal vitamins to be able to adapt their dental treatment plan. In other words, you are taking care of your health and your baby by including your dentist into your pregnancy.


5. Retching

Some pregnant women have to retch while they are brushing their teeth. They especially feel the urge when brushing their molars. Still, this doesn’t mean you can simply avoid brushing your teeth regularly, as there are ways to stop or decrease the need to retch.

Firstly, switch to a brush that has a small head – you can even use a brush made for toddlers. Next, don’t rush the brushing process, do it slowly. You may find it relaxing to close your eyes while listening to music or focusing on breathing. Also, if you notice that it’s the toothpaste that is causing the awful retching reflex, try switching to a different brand. If nothing else helps, you can always try to brush your teeth with water and then use a fluoridated mouthwash.

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6. Food cravings

It is normal for many pregnant women to experience strong food cravings, especially for sugary food. However, too much sugary food may lead to tooth decay, so do your best to resist the urge and switch to low-sugar foods. Fresh fruits are always a better option if you really need the sugar that bad.

Final comment
Don’t neglect your oral hygiene while pregnant as it is equally important as any other aspect of your health, both for you and the baby.



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