Top 5 Cannabis Products on The Rise in 2018

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Cannabis has become legal, and the industry is continually expanding across the globe. Companies are taking marketing efforts to reach out to a larger audience with their range of products. The explosion in the popularity of cannabis has been noticed since the last decade. CBD and THC can enter the human body in different ways, and there are a number of products which can help improve physical and mental health.


Top 5 Cannabis Products in 2018

1. Cannabis Oil

This is an extensive category and is a product that can give you the desired effects. You can take the oil in different forms, and its versatility has made it the most sought-after product in the market. The oils have low traces of THC. Hence it will not make you high and will give the desired effects of chronic pain relief, nausea relief, and anxiety relief. It also helps relieve anxiety, cancer treatment, sleep issues, and depression. You can easily shop for weed topicals online.


2. Cannabis skin care products

As cannabis is legalized in different states, some companies are making the most of it by offering skin care products to suburban women. The industry has grown exponentially, and the products have multiple benefits. It helps treat acne, helps in hydration and ensures pain relief. The products are available online and can be easily purchased. Bath salts bring much-needed relaxation in the tub, and the market is real and growing.


3. Cannabis beverages

Cannabis beverages are getting more exposure nowadays. Cocktails infused with cannabis are at an initial stage, and the market will only be growing in the future. Drinks which are infused with marijuana have been relegated to states. There are coffee shops which sell cannabis-infused coffees which are ideal for calming you down.

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4. Cannabis chocolates

Top cannabis products 2018

Top cannabis products 2018

Edibles have been a popular method to get high. It is also a legal medicine and is fairly standard. Chocolates have become a trend, and they can be marketed to individuals who are interested in trying weed but want it in a refined manner. Kushly pre rolls are also a widely marketed product consumed by many.


5. Cannabis dog treats

Giving cannabis to your pets is safe. However, do not give it in large portions because you need to be wary of the high THC content in it. CBD can help pet wooers treat osteoporosis, cancer, joint pain, epilepsy, and anxiety. They do not pose any unusual risk to dogs, but you need to remain cautious with the quantity. Too much THC is not suitable for dogs.

With the legalization of cannabis, there will be many more products available in the market. Companies are not allowed to advertise and market the same due to certain limitations, but the consumers are getting aware of the products and are using the same for their physical and mental health. All the products are readily available online and can be purchased without a prescription. The oils have been used across the globe to cure chronic pain, depression, arthritis, stress, and anxiety.



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