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7 Major Risk Factors for Ear Infection among Kids

Children are undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts on this planet but taking care of them in the ideal way is a heck of a task.  When you purchase a new washing machine then there is a proper instruction manual that tells you about how to use it in the right way. But nothing comes with a new baby and the only thing you can get are a few books.

You have to be able to help yourself in dealing with your kids and taking care of them in the right and desired manner. Education is something that is the first step that you should take even before medication when the situation arises.

Ear problem among the children happens to be one of the most common of such circumstances when your child has to be tended to and you may even have to call for professional medical help.  But since it is such a widespread problem, as a parent you should always keep an otoscope and then decide whether to solve the problem at home or seek medical attention. 
Symptoms Of Ear Infection In Kids
The signs and symptoms of ear infection among children usually manifests quickly and they include:


  1. Presence of fluid in the ears
  2. Headache
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Ear pain, especially when lying down
  5. Frequent tugging or pulling at an ear
  6. Difficulty sleeping
  7. Crying more than usual
  8. Acting more irritable than usual
  9. Difficulty hearing or responding to sounds
  10. Loss of balance

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Here are some of the major risk factors for ear infection, especially middle ear infection in kids.
Ear Infections in Children
·         Allergies –Allergies can trigger middle ear infection as they contribute to the formation of the fluid by the clogging of the Eustachian tubes or in the middle air space. In this case the allergen identification may not be particularly helpful.
·         Colds – Children are prone to colds and they have almost 7-9 episodes of cold every year. Any of these can actually lead to the infection of the middle ears. You can avoid this by preventing colds. But doing away with all colds is almost impossible. Kids who are in day care have greater tendency to catch a cold than those cared for at home.
·         Bottles Used at Nights – The bottle-fed babies are at a much greater risk than the breast-fed ones. The breast milk helps to enhance the immunity of the babies in several ways. But those who use a bottle to hold at night are always at risk. 
·         Attending Day-care–Kids attending day care as infants are almost asking for the infections in their ears. They are likely to get less biological exposure in a small day care.
·         Smoke – A child may get more prone to ear infections from not only secondary smokes but also wood burning in the fireplaces in the colder countries. 
·         Poor Hygiene –When a child rubs his nose and eyes with unwashed hands most of the viruses enter the body. That is why you should put in efforts and make your children practise hand washing and discourage them about nose picking or rubbing of eyes. This in turn will reduce the exposure to the virus. 
·         Parental History – If both the parents have a history of ear infection or tubes as children then the kid is also prone to ear-infections. 
The above are some of the major factors for middle ear infection among kids. That is why parents should always keep a quality otoscopeat home so that they can have some idea about the cause of the ear trouble and act accordingly. Once symptoms are observed it is recommended that you visit a doctor immediately.
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