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10 Effective Ways to Increase Your Spine Health

Taking the time to care for your back will not only help to reduce future pain and aches, but can also prove to be effective in reducing everyday muscle tension and stress. Common causes of back pain can be wearing high heels, slouching over at a desk, or remaining too stationary. Helpful habitual exercises can include traditional exercises like squats or weight training for added strength building. Practices like yoga and pilates can be used to help loosen and strengthen the spine along with resistance training. For everyday discomfort, the use of wraps, icy-hot, or heating pads can be utilized as therapeutic measures to relieve minor aches.


Effective Ways to ways to increase spine health

10 Ways To Increase Your Spine Health

1. Strengthen Your Core 

The use of basic stabilization exercises can be used to aid low back pain relief and help strengthen back muscles to avoid the risk of disc tears. Strong back muscles can be beneficial in decreasing lumbar stress and pelvis pain.  These practices for strengthening are only recommended for healthy tissue with dismal signs of stress. If you are experiencing back pain, it is recommended to consult a specialist before engaging in self-induced treatments in order to avoid further tear or accelerated damage. Depending on where you are in the world, they may recommend medical marijuana, which you can acquire at, depending on your pain levels and, of course, the laws where you are surrounding this. Although stretching exercises and gentle yoga can be repeated daily, strengthening exercises should be handled with care allowing for rest periods to allow the body to rebuild and replenish. Look for exercises that target abdominal muscle strengthening to achieve flexibility, strength, and stability. There are many other exercises that strengthen your core.

Effective Ways to ways to increase spine health

2. Stretch Often 

Try simple yoga poses like downward dog, upward dog, or child’s pose. Downward dog will open your chest and stretch out the length of you back while upwards dog will strengthen and target stretching your lower back. For spine strengthening stretches, try lying on your back with your knees bent a shoulder width apart. If possible, inhale and grab your knees while gently rocking to roll out your back. Try flipping onto your stomach and repeat a similar concept by grabbing your feet or ankles and gently lifting your arms and legs. Hold for a few seconds and gently release.

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3. Meditate

Meditating is a good tool for practicing elongating your spine through good posture. Reducing your stress level is also a core function of meditation that can lead to improved mood and productivity along with less chronic pain.

4. Wear Supportive Shoes

High heels have shown to cause strain on the back by readjusting the body’s natural alignment. A sturdy, supportive shoe will ease physical strain on the body as well as assist in maintaining the natural alignment. Aside from heels, your footwear should fit snug but not overly tight and provide support when possible. Try to keep your feet healthy and protect your spine health.


Effective Ways to ways to increase spine health

5. Sleep Well

Be sure to choose a mattress that will help decrease pain and stiffness. Find the right mattress support for you to relieve stress and ensure a full night’s rest. Search for a mattress with back support and understand the anatomy of a mattress for identifying the best choice for your body. A mattress that is too firm can cause aches and pains whereas a medium-firm mattress can allow a slight depression for the body to comfortably sink and fit to the mattress. A sagging mattress is a key sign of a needed replacement. However, a firm mattress can be softened with the use of a mattress pad.

6. Practice Good Posture

Poor posture is a significant contributor to back pain. Simple solutions like standing up straight to align your ears, shoulders, and hips will keep your spine healthy and pain free. Standing up straight with your ears over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hip joints, and your hip joints over your ankles will help keep your healthy pain-free. Physical stress on the body can also be a significant source for pain, and can also manifest as mental stress. Aside from soreness and pain, poor posture can lead to poor circulation, negative mood, fatigue, and poor digestion.

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7. Use Heating and Cooling Pads

The use of heat on your muscles is used to relieve tensions and increase blood flow. Use this method when your back is feeling tight. With the combination of cooling pads, these pads can be used to target and relieve muscle spasms.

8. Lift Carefully

If you like you pump iron, be sure to be safe when you lift weights. Aside from lifting at the gym, lifting heavy everyday objects like repositioning you couch can cause stress on your joints and your back without proper form and care. Consider using a brace when doing heavy lifting to better support your back and prevent painful twists or strains.


Effective Ways to ways to increase spine health

9. Get A Massage

A tried and true message for alleviating minor ailments is a good massage. A trip to the mesuese will increase endorphins that operate as your body’s natural pain killer. The aid in blood flow can help with healing sore and overworked muscles.

10. Schedule A Check Up 

If you experience chronic back pain, consult your primary care physician. Common symptoms of back pain could be linked to degenerative disc disease. Degenerative disc disease occurs when a tear in the outer disc covering forms scar tissue in an effort for the body to attempt to heal itself. Healthy tissue is structurally stronger than the scar tissue, by the scar tissue acting as healthy tissue this often leads to repeated scarring and tearing thereby causing the healthy tissue to continue to weaken and scar tissue to spread.

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