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10 False Myths About Drug Testing

10 Myths About Drug Testing
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Drug testing in the workplace is becoming increasingly relevant in Brazil. As many as 50 million people go through drug testing every year in Brazil, and that number is expected to rise as many states are trying to apply the drug test for social and unemployment benefits. Over the years, more and more employers are demanding that their potential employees undergo drug testing. As these tests became more common, many misconceptions have raised about how they work, and the legality around them. When you know more about science and the law around drug testing, you can avoid relying on bad information that could end up costing you your job or even your freedom.

That’s why Test Country created this list of 10 myths about drug testing.


10 Myths About Drug Testing 

10 Myths About Drug Testing


1. All Drug Tests Are Based On Urine

Urine tests tend to be the most popular among employers. However, they are not the only option available. This type of test is preferable because it is cheap and easy to perform, but hair follicle testing is becoming more popular.

Saliva tests are another option, but they can only reveal the use of drugs in the last few days. Blood tests are much more expensive, not to mention incredibly invasive, but they allow the most extensive look at a person’s substance use over a long period of time.


2. Drinking Water Will Hit A Urine Test

The commonly accepted idea is that drinking a ton of liquid before a urine test will remove THC from your system. While drinking lots of water is great for your overall health, it probably will not do the job fast enough.

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In addition, if the test is advanced enough, you may find that you drank all the water beforehand. It does this by testing creatinine levels, which are a by-product of the digestion process that arises when too much water is consumed.

If a high level of creatinine appears in your urine test, you may have to take another test if your employer suspects.


3. Many Exercises Will Beat In A Test

If you are a very occasional marijuana user, you may be able to detoxify your body enough to undergo a drug test with some strenuous exercise. But that’s only if the test is a few weeks away.

For someone who uses drugs more often than this, this method has no chance of working. And if you are surprised by a drug test, no amount of exercise will release your system properly.


4. You Can Disapprove A Passive Smoke Test

Okay, this myth is not totally false. However, in order to fail a drug test through passive smoking, you should spend hours in a very tight room with a lot of marijuana smokers.
For most people, exposure to occasional smoking will do nothing for a drug test.


5. Saliva Tests Do Not Detect A Drug

This is such a common myth, and it is completely false. It can absolutely be detected by a cotton swab or a saliva drug test. These tests are most popular among employers because they are cheap, easy to do and the results are instantaneous.

The good news is they have a limited window to pick up marijuana, usually less than 24 hours. If you know you’re going for a spit test, leave the pot for a while.

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6. Every Pot Is Created Equal

There is a myth that all varieties of marijuana will remain in your system at exactly the same time. However, some strains will remain longer than others.
Each marijuana strain has a varying amount of THC, and some high-quality strains can remain in your system for a long time.

Higher quality marijuana products have a THC content of 30%, which is much higher than the 1% that was common in the 1960s.

The frequency of your marijuana use is important here, but in general drug testing can pick up marijuana from occasional smokers for 2 to 5 days later. This number jumps to 15 days after use for heavier smokers. And if you have high body fat, this can go up to 30 days after consumption.


7. Medications May Appear Like Methamphetamine

The cold remedy does not result in false positives for methamphetamine. In drug testing, methamphetamine appears as D-methamphetamine, while any cold medication appears as L-methamphetamine. A professional company will not be fooled.


8. Home Remedies Will Help You Beat a Test

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles out there that tell you how homemade mixes that mix a wide variety of things will defeat a drug test. But the truth is that no amount of cranberry juice, gelatin or vitamins will do the trick.

Drug tests are created by scientists with expert knowledge about our bodies. They can not be beaten with a special tea.


9. Shaving My Head Will Stop At The Hair Test

That’s not a good idea out there. Even if you shave your head, any hair on any part of the body is eligible for a drug test. And even if you shave from head to toe, this will absolutely be an indicator that you will have to do another type of test.

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10. Drug Testing At The Workplace

The drug test in the workplace is not going anywhere anytime soon. No one wants to take a drug test. The truth is the only way to ensure that you go through a drug test is to avoid using drugs.

This educative infographic below provides you with more information about drug testing. View it below:


10 Myths About Drug Testing

Infographic: 10 Myths About Drug Testing


Thanks for reading. I am sure that now you know the myths about drug testing, you can make a healthier decision.

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