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What Natural Products Can You Add To Your Oral Health Regimen

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Written by Collins Nwokolo
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For most people, taking care of their teeth starts and ends with brushing regularly, taking time to floss, and watching what you eat. There’s nothing wrong with adhering to this for a start, but a lot of the reason the natural products industry has taken off is the fact that people want to go above and beyond when it comes to their health. This makes a lot of sense when we start talking about teeth. Watch TV for even a little while, and you’ll see the emphasis that we place on a perfect smile. Here are a few natural items you may want to consider using.

Natural products for oral health

Oil Pulling 

For the first tip, you can use, let’s talk oil pulling. Don’t worry, despite the name; there’s no sort of pain or discomfort involved. Oil pulling is a tradition in Ayurvedic countries that has been used for centuries to keep the mouth healthy and clean. Generally, you start with oil like coconut oil or sesame oil, take about a teaspoon of it, then swish it around in your mouth. Coconut oil is favoured due to its anti-bacterial characteristics, just make sure you don’t swallow, as it doesn’t have the most appealing taste in this form.

Other oils can be applied directly to the spot in question, like clove oil. This is designed more for numbing an area of the mouth that is in pain but has some anti-bacterial properties as well.
Of course, the landscape of how we take care of our mouths may be changing soon, and a lot of it has to do with the microbiome. The millions of microorganisms that call our body home, most people only know about their gut, but there are several smaller microbiomes within the larger one that’s in our bodies. This includes the skin and the mouth. In the case of the mouth, the microbiome is constantly coming into contact with food and other objects, which may impact the balance of bacteria. Having too much of the wrong bacteria may lead to issues, just like it does in the gut. Don’t be surprised if you’re taking oral probiotics soon.

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Tongue Scrapping

On top of using herbal and natural items like these, there may be a few techniques that you can introduce into your daily regimen that will support your oral health without adding anything overly chemical or synthetic. One example is using a tongue scraper, simply scraping your tongue each month before brushing your teeth. The idea here is to help bring balance to the bacteria in your mouth in a similar way that the probiotics we mentioned before do. As an added bonus, a lot of the time, bad breath is caused by certain bacteria in the mouth, so scraping or brushing your tongue may give you a little boost there.


Another thing worth doing, especially if you find that your gums or mouth is sore for no clear reason, is doing a salt water gargle. The added salt helps alkalinize your mouth and soothe inflammation.
A lot of the time, when it comes to their families, people tend to turn to natural products due to the belief that they are giving their children “the best.” There’s a layer of truth here that also necessitates a layer of caution. A lot of natural options out there don’t have the scientific backing that says, conventional brushing will. So, while there’s nothing wrong with this, you may want to check with a doctor first to make sure what you are using is safe for children. Equally important is making sure that you don’t treat this as a substitute for regular dentist visits.

According to Dr Clinton Callahan of Springs Dental Care in Colorado Springs, CO, “the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dentist visit by their first birthday. This early introduction allows us to see your child before the decay process begins and enables us to start the child on a prevention program to keep them cavity-free. Children that are introduced to the dentist at an early age tend to be the patients that are most comfortable going to the dentist as they get older. If your child is already past this age, don’t worry! It’s never too late to get your child on the path to good dental health.”

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