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6 Precautions to Know When Using A Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup precautions
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Despite the increasing number of women who are using a menstrual cup, there are still questions and hesitations that every woman are asking. It is essential that we understand everything about the cup before using it, and if you are confident with your menstrual product, it will help you to have a carefree period.

There are menstrual cups that are 100% safe, but not all cups are danger-free. It depends on how you properly take care of your cup. However, you can definitely be addressed all these dangers in using a cup. I have gathered all the precautions you should know when using a menstrual cup.


6 Precautions to Know When Using A Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup precautions

Menstrual Cup precautions

Extra Careful in Using a Cup with an IUD

There are brands of menstrual cup that are safe to use with an intrauterine device like Daisy menstruation cup, but there are also menstrual cup brands that do not recommend using a cup while wearing an IUD. It is better to ask the manufacturer of the cup if it is safe to use or not or you can also tell your doctor about it to get medical advice on how to properly use it with an IUD. If you use hormonal IUD, it won’t affect the use of a menstrual cup.


Toxic Shock Syndrome and Menstrual Cups

The TSS or toxic shock syndrome is a severe disease that you can get from using tampons and regular menstrual pads. The staph bacteria will increasingly occur if you are using a non-breathable product because the moisture can build up more bacteria to stay in your genitals.

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However, using a menstrual cup is safe from having toxic shock syndrome, and you leave the cup on up to twelve hours without any danger. Make sure to clean your cup correctly with soap and water. If possible, soak it in warm water for five minutes to get rid of the bacteria. In that way, you can make sure that you are free from TSS.


Having Sex With a Cup Inserted

There are brands of menstrual cup that are designed to be used during sex like FLEX Disc. Unlike other cups, FLEX Disc is not reusable, and it can only last up twelve hours of usage. It is made from medical grade polymer instead of silicone, and it sits in the fornix of the vagina. But there are also other menstrual cup manufacturers that are not recommending to use a cup in engaging vaginal sex. You can ask the manufacturer brand of the cup you are going to use for safety measures.


Losing the Cup Inside your Vagina

It is very alarming to know that it is possible for the cup to lose in your vagina; that is why you must make sure to follow the instructions on how to properly use the cup. But you do not need to worry because there are no cases yet that the cup was gone inside your vagina regardless of how deep it is. For instance, that it will slip up and out of reach, you will only need to push it down with your vaginal muscle, and it will push back the cup.

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Pain During Insertion

If it is your first time to try a menstrual cup, you may find feel discomfort upon inserting the cup. To avoid the pain and irritation, make sure that you break the seal by pressing the rim to slide it out, do not touch the urethra and avoid to feel pressure when removing the cup. Make sure to empty your cup more frequently to prevent spillage.


Pooping With the Menstrual Cup Inserted

Do not stress yourself with the myth that you can’t pee with the menstrual cup inserted to your vagina. The truth is you can simply poo and go to the bathroom if you want to be more, you can remove the cup while pooping or when you need to pee. It can be the best time as well to empty your cup and clean it.



Menstrual cups are designed to make your period better and not to harm you. So make sure to follow all the instructions indicated in the user’s guide leaflet included in the package to prevent danger in using the cup. It may be so hard to use when it is your first time, but practice can make you a pro. These menstrual cup precautions will help you stay safe and healthy.

In that way, you can enjoy the convenience that this product is promising to you. Your period should not be so hard to manage, and you can start to make it better by choosing the best menstrual product that suits you and master using it for a better experience.

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