Steps on How to Appropriately Dispose of Used Medical Equipment

Steps on How to Appropriately Dispose of Used Medical Equipment
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Proper disposal of medical equipment has remained the biggest challenge in healthcare. The most dangerous medical waste is those items that come into contact with body fluids generated during the treatment of human beings.

Initially, medical waste was collected in unique bags, like any other debris. However, the method has led to the further spread of diseases to human beings. As a result, there was a need to improve the disposal of equipment. So, what are the new ways to dispose of medical waste? MedCart recommends the following steps if you want to dispose of medical equipment such as needles, catheters that may contain blood, gloves, among others:

Go for reusable materials 

The total world population is ever increasing. As a result, there is a need for a healthy environment by reducing waste. Surgery centers, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other health care facilities make up a large margin of business in the world. 

Recycling used medical equipment creates more room within your workplace. The kit can also be sold for republishing, which lessens the amount of waste in landfills. Thus, this keeps the environment clean.

Sterilize the equipment before disposal

Sterilization is the best method to keep medical equipment clean. You can achieve this through physical, radiation, ultrasonic, or chemical methods. Either way, you are sterilizing medical equipment before it can be disposed of to ensure environmental safety. Radiation is used to sterilize medical equipment by first sealing clean, but not bacteria-free, equipment in an air-tight bag. 

On the other hand, chemical sterilization involves the application of chemicals to kill microorganisms. An autoclave is a method of sterilization that works under the principle of moist heat sterilization. It generates steam under high pressure, and the organisms are destroyed by coagulating their proteins. In other words, this method is much more effective than dry heat sterilization, where microbes are killed through oxidation.

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Destruction through Incineration

Destruction of medical equipment through burning is often used to dispose of used equipment waste when the equipment waste does not have a high metal content. Depending on the material incinerated, incineration can be classified into RCRA and non-RCRA incineration. 

Correctly conducted and controlled incineration of medical waste will help to reduce both its volume and its infectious character. Several health centers that incinerate their medical waste burn a mixture that might include pathologic waste that contains very high moisture content.

Consider flushing the drugs

Did you know that some medicines can be especially harmful? Do Flushing such drugs prevent accidental ingestion by children? Ensure you dispose of these medications when they are no longer needed. Flushing is necessary, especially If a drug take-back option is not readily available. According to the FDA, it is advisable to flush certain medications down the toilet to prevent unnecessary accidents.


Today there is increased environmental pollution from industries and firms. The experts from MedCart encourage people to settle for the best method of equipment disposal. As an organization, it is good to set aside landfills to dispose of non-toxic equipment. They will help you minimize the effects of waste on human health and the environment at large.


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