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5 Supplements to Take When Trying to Get Pregnant

Supplements to Take when Trying to get Pregnant
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When you are ready to get pregnant, the idea of conceiving fills you with anticipation. You can’t wait to welcome a new member to your family. It can become nerve-racking when it doesn’t happen easily. While it seems like it’s been a breeze for everyone else you know, month after month keeps passing by without a positive sign on your pregnancy test. Don’t give up on conception. Before you spend a fortune in a fertility clinic, find out what supplements can help you to bring a baby into your life.

1. Add a Variety of Vitamin B to Your Medicine Cabinet

Vitamin B is beneficial for any woman. They can boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels, burn fat, and improve neurological functioning. They may help you to deal with stress and anxiety. When you are trying to conceive, increasing your levels of a range of B vitamins can improve your chances of being more fertile.

2. Load Up on Calcium

Calcium is recommended for women after they hit menopause to stave off osteoporosis. You can never start too soon to build strong healthy bones. Studies have linked a deficiency in this vital mineral to increased rates of male infertility. The connection with infertility in women is not proven. However, it’s always beneficial to increase the level of a mineral that can make you stronger. You don’t only have to take supplements. You can also add it to your diet. Cheese, milk, enriched orange juice, beans, almonds, sardines, leafy greens, and whey protein are only a few sources of foods that are rich in calcium. Keep eating them if you conceive. They’ll also benefit your baby on the way.

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3. Don’t Forget the Folic Acid

Folic acid is usually recommended for women once they’ve conceived. It’s beneficial for the baby’s neurological development. Fertility specialists have advised an increased intake of folic acid for women who are trying to become pregnant. Try boosting your levels of this valuable supplement at least a month before actively trying to conceive. You could boost your chances of becoming more fertile.

ASupplements to Take when Trying to get Pregnant

4. Add Zinc to the List

Zinc has made recent headlines in the fight against COVID-19. Studies have shown it can boost your metabolism. It can also make your immune system stronger. When you are on the pregnancy journey, it may help your body to develop healthier eggs. Fertilization may happen with ease the next time a sperm makes its way to your uterus. Studies have linked low levels of zinc to difficulties with conception. You can stack the deck in your favor when you take the right supplements.

5. Keep Vitamin C on the Counter

Vitamin is one of the most popular vitamins of all. It’s an antioxidant. That means it will fight free radicals and reduce damage to your body’s cells. Healthy cells can have an impact on the health of your eggs, increasing your fertility. You’ll also have a healthier immune system. When you ward off illness, you improve your chances of conception. You can take a supplement that includes vitamin C. You can also choose foods and beverages that are rich in this popular vitamin. Add citrus fruits and orange juice to your daily meal choices. If you are looking for other fruits to have more of a variety in your diet, blackcurrants, guavas, kiwi, strawberries, and certain varieties of plums and cherries are also beneficial. Add chili pepper and sweet yellow peppers to your salads when you feel like spicing things up. Dress up your dishes with parsley and thyme. Don’t forget to enjoy raw or cooked broccoli on a regular basis as well. Your healthy choices could mean good news the next time you miss your menstrual cycle.

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Taking the right supplements can give you a sense of empowerment when you are trying to become pregnant. You can also try tracking your peak ovulation times to improve your chances of a positive income. Most importantly, make your efforts enjoyable. Add variety into your life and be spontaneous. Take a romantic getaway. Try to relax. Being stressed about conception can get in the way. If you still don’t have a positive pregnancy test after a year of consistently trying, consider seeing a medical professional who focuses on fertility. Don’t forget to bring your partner. It takes two to make a successful pregnancy happen.


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