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Technologies That Are Accelerating Drug Development

Technologies That Are Accelerating Drug Development
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The drug development market is a deeply exciting one, with lots of new developments occurring every single day. There are also around 50 or more drugs approved by the FDA each year, which means that for people working in big pharma, there are many opportunities available to be able to bring a drug to market that can make a lot of money.

The only point to consider here is that the approval process for a new drug can actually take between 12-15 years. Nonetheless, there are new technologies out there that are speeding up the drug development process considerably. If you want to know what those are, then you are in the right place, as this guide has been created in order to give you a complete overview. Read on now to learn all about it. 

1. X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers

When it comes to understanding the compounds behind drugs, x-ray diffraction has been a massive help, identifying the structure of a wide variety of products, most famously penicillin. This means that if you are working in big pharma and would like to have an efficient drug development process, then it is absolutely essential that you invest in XRF analyzers

2. Gene Writing 

When it comes to making sure that drugs act correctly when they come into the body, gene writing is going to soon be at the forefront of advanced drug development. This is especially true when you consider the massive advances that were made with sequencing the human genome and the better understanding that was gleaned with regards to drug development from it. It’s likely that in the future, this will allow for a better understanding of how drugs can be better and more efficiently developed with the customer in mind. 

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3. Advanced AI 

AI has already made massive strides when it comes to drug development. Drugs that would originally take several years to be developed can be fast-tracked using AI platforms, which means that drugs can now be developed in under a year. It is likely that the further development of smart design platforms means that drugs will be able to be created in a much faster fashion, making for exciting developments in the drug creation process. 

4. The Use of Big Data 

The amount of big data that is out there in the world is exponentially increasing. This means that there is the potential there for people to harness the data in order to better tool drug development in the long run. To give an example that basically everyone has their eye on – the development and roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine have given pharmaceutical companies a lot of real-world data to play with already.

By seeing the way that the vaccine works, including reducing hospital visits and deaths as well as any side effects, they have a better chance in the future to develop better drugs for commercial use. This use of data should then mean that drugs in the future will be far better and more efficiently developed. 

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