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The 6 Worst Drinks That Are Bad For Your Teeth

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Written by Collins Nwokolo

What you eat or drink has an impact on your teeth. Those fond of sugary items are more likely to face dental problems than the rest. Similarly, there are some beverages that cause tooth decay, tooth stain or discoloration of serious nature. Some drinks even reach to the enamel of the tooth and take away natural color of the teeth. Clearly, some of your drinks can be a nightmare if you crave for whiter and brighter teeth. It’s however fine to drink more of water, milk, green tea and vodka soda as they don’t harm the tooth much. So, be careful with what you drink else your teeth might lose their charms for sure. Here are the top 6 worst drinks for your teeth –

1. Soda

Worst Drinks That Are Bad For Your Teeth

Drinking soda in any water is bad for your teeth. The drink is high on sugar so naturally, it will invite bacteria and weaken the teeth consequently. Worse still, it has acid capable of destroying the enamel. Its cameral food coloring can stain your teeth beyond the level of repair in most cases. Even the diet variant is not safe for your dental health no matter how much companies advertise that. The only way to minimize the harmful effects of soda on your teeth is by swishing some water afterward.

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2. Tea

Your daily cup of tea may be rejuvenating but it is actually very harmful for your teeth. Even black tea can do some great damage to your teeth. In fact, the darker the tea, the more it is likely to stain your pearly whites. Naturally, you should go with lighter-coloured tea as their harms are lesser in comparison to the darker ones. This is why green and herbal tea is more in demand due to due lower stain-causing risk. If you can’t cut back on the amount of daily tea, you should then at least try to drink them through a straw to minimize their negative impact on the teeth.

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3. Coffee

Worst Drinks That Are Bad For Your Teeth

The cup of coffee you savor each morning is not good for your dental health. It may force you out of the slumber but its effects on teeth are harmful. In fact, its natural brown color can tinge your teeth with the shade of yellow and make them look ugly. This happens since your dentin beneath the enamel gets visible. In addition, coffee can increase the risk of cavities in the same way as soda does for having sugar as an additive. So, cut back on your coffee intake and minimize the risks to your pearly white teeth.

4. Wine

Worst Drinks That Are Bad For Your Teeth

Your wine-drinking habit has to sober down if you care for your teeth. And if you can’t shun the habit completely, be ready to stain you teeth in the process. However, you can cut back on the dose and obviously expect the damage to be somewhat limited. Another good ploy is to either use some wine wipes or swish water after sips. Switching is a white won’t help much as then acid will replace the risk of stains. So, be careful with your wine habit to maintain your dental health.

5.  Acidic fruit juices

Worst Drinks That Are Bad For Your Teeth

You must be enjoying your daily glass of fruit juices hoping it would keep you healthy. Think again, as not all of them are helpful. Acidic fruits and juices are bad for your teeth.  In fact, those citrus ones are very bad for your teeth. They are highly acidic in nature and can erode or wear down the enamel gradually. So, stop drinking more of orange and citrus juices and if you can’t, then use water afterwards to minimize the risk.

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6. Energy and sports drinks

Worst Drinks That Are Bad For Your Teeth

Any drinks high in sugar are not good for your teeth. And those containing acid as well can double the harm for sure. This is where energy and sport drinks fail the test. They are not healthy for your dental health as they attack the tooth enamel. Their regular consumption means you will always be at risk of dental decay gradually. The first priority should be to curb their intake and if you can’t then, you must use water afterwards to minimize their harmful impact. You can also consult glen oaks dental to know about these drinks and how their risks can bemanaged well.

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