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10 Healthy Things To Do While Fasting

Healthy Things to do While Fasting
Written by Collins Nwokolo

People fast for various reasons. Some people fast for religious reasons, for example the Ramadan, while some fast for weight loss. A lot wonder if fasting is a dangerous activity, and the answer is no.

Once you can keep to the following tips, you would breeze through the fasting without breaking a sweat. Whatever your reason may be, the following are things you should do while fasting:

10 Healthy Things To Do While Fasting

Healthy Things to do While Fasting

Healthy Things to do While Fasting

1. Ensure you keep a short fasting period

It isn’t advisable to go on a dry fasting for days, as this is perilous. It can also cause some serious problems for your immune system. Doctors and researchers have confirmed that fasting periods shouldn’t extend beyond an 8-24 hours time period. 

Once it goes beyond this, the person stands the risk of facing problems that have been associated with fasting. The likely symptoms include irritation, dehydration, fainting, extreme hunger amongst schools. Considering that people react to things differently, there would be various reactions to it. 

2. Avoid over eating when you break your fast

Once fasting is over, some people tend to overeat. They believe this is to store up food in their system for later while they’re fasting. However, doing this would only make you tired through the day and would increase your chances of getting bloated. 

If weight loss is one of the main reasons behind your fasting, then you should be conscious of this. Regardless of how hungry you might think you feel, it is only advisable that you continue with eating your normal rations. 

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3. Sleep

With the fact that there are different reactions to fasting, some people tend to feel exhausted while fasting. If you also face this, you shouldn’t avoid it. What you can do is to simply take a nap of at least 15 minutes. You can sleep for longer hours if you feel tired.

Taking a nap would help to get your system in order so you don’t end up dozing off while busy with work. 

4. Stay hydrated

You should drink more water within the short period of your fasting. If you avoid taking water for a long period, it might increase the chances of you having some side effects. These side effects include fainting, dehydration and dizziness. 

Increasing your water intake helps you stay energized through your fasting period. There are other ways to stay more hydrated.

5. Avoid carrying out rigorous exercises

While fasting, it isn’t good to exert too much force on the body by exercising. This doesn’t strengthen the body’s ability but, sometimes, makes it weaker. Though you can carry out exercises like walking, house chores, meditation and even yoga. 

Doing these would give you the chance to relax your body. However, if your reason for exercising is because you feel stressed while fasting, you should get some rest. 

6. Eat healthy

It is ideal that the food you eat before, after and during your fasting is a balanced diet. In situations where you don’t eat healthy meals before your fasting, you feel sluggish throughout the day. This can impact you negatively. 

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Eating healthy within the three time periods helps to improve the state of your health. Also, it prevents you from feeling sick during your fast.

7. Avoid the hot sun

Health experts advise that people who are fasting should not go out and spend long hours unnecessarily under the sun during daytime. This will help prevent heat exhaustion. If it is necessary to go out, you should cover your head with a hat or cloth and try to avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible.

8. Stop fasting if you feel sick

This is one of the healthy things to do while fasting. It is normal to feel tired, hungry, and irritable while you fast, but you should not feel sick. Some symptoms that indicate you need to stop fasting include dizziness, loss of consciousness, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, burning sensation in the stomach, and chest pain or stomach pain.

9. Take supplements

When you fast, you miss out on essential nutrients, which makes it harder for your body to get its nutritional needs. Thus, those who fast should consider taking dietary supplements and multivitamins that will nourish the body with nutrients.

10. Keep yourself busy with wholesome activities

It can be excruciating to fast, especially if you are feeling bored and hungry. However, you avoid can unintentionally breaking your fast by engaging in wholesome activities while fasting. For example, you can read a book, take a walk, meditate, spend time with nature, write, or listen to a podcast. There are so many other healthy things to do when bored.

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