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10 Incredible Health And Beauty Tips For The Summer

The summer is here once again, it is a beautiful weather, no doubt. But it is a time to be a little extra careful, because the summer season could affect your skin, hairs and more. The heat of the summer, can affect your glowing skin adversely and worse still lead to some infections. How can you maintain a healthy beautiful skin this summer? It is very easy once you follow this simple steps. These health and beauty tips for the summer season, will help you a lot, so please read on.

summer beauty tips for 2017

1. Exfoliate your skin
Exfoliating your skin is very important during the summer season. Exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin cells and prevents your skin from looking dull and dry. Many people have wondered if they should exfoliate often in the summer. Well, it is recommended by dermatologists that you should exfoliate once a week, depending on how frequently you are exposed to the heat.
Use a very good exfoliate for your face, neck and body and give yourself that glowing skin this summer.

2. Hydrate like crazy

No one needs to tell you that, hydrating frequently in the summer is essential. Because it helps keep your skin fresh. It also  prevents you from getting dehydrated. Drink enough water this summer, especially when you are outdoor. And if you can’t get water, drink healthy fluids. You can also hydrate by consuming foods like, salads, fruits and vegetables.

3. Use the appropriate moisturizer
You should still moisturizers this summer because it will keep your skin smooth, but it has be light. Use light moisturizer, or apply it lightly, if not your body will be oily.

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It is advisable to use a very good lip balm to moisturize your lips. You can read top reviews on lip balms that are great and healthy for you.

4. Wear less make up and  jewelry
During the summer season minimal make-up is advisable. Under the heat of the sun, wearing too much make-up will look really bad. If you decide to put on make-up that are waterproof. The heat will cause you to sweat a lot. This can eventually fade away your makeup. Therefore use waterproof make-up products thus summer.
If you choose to use foundation then also apply face powder with a good suncreen to avoid patchy skin. Also, protect your lips always use a gloss or a lip balm.
Furthermore, wearing fewer jewelry is also essential.

5. Wear Proper clothing

Wearing the right cloths during summer will lead to a healthier skin. Sweat shirts, overalls and hoodies are a no no. Cotton  and satin are some of the best fabrics for the summer. Some really cool fashion trends you can rock this summer are:
• White or light colored cloths.
• Off shoulder tops or gowns.
• Floral dresses.

6. Use mild cleanser and toner

Mild cleansers are a must for the summers. Do not use the same cleanser in both the winter and summer. You should wash your face at least 3 times daily with a mild cleanser.  The cleanser should be very mild and gentle. And also buy the one which is okay for your skin.
What about the toner, make sure you use a good toner that can reduce the size of the pores and will keep your makeup intact. Another way is to just take a couple of ice cubes in a clean cloth and gently rub all over your face. This also does the job of the toner.

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7. Protect your eyes
Excessive ultra violet light exposure can be harmful to the eyes. That’s why you need to protect your eyes with sunshades. If you are going be outdoor for a long period, carry nice shades along with you.

8. Sunscreen, I repeat sunscreen.

Sunscreen is a cream that contains organic compounds and absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It is extremely important for your skin this summer.  It is vital to use sunscreen with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) for the summers. Get a sunscreen that has UVA and UVB products and comes in the range of SPF 30 and SPF 70.

9. Your feet 
Your feet could really get messed up this summer. Avoid that by scrubbing your feet at least twice a week and wearing sandals instead of covered shoes. You can get a smooth, soft, and sexy feet by scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone while bathing.

10.  De-tan using natural remedies.
Exposure to sunlight could lead to tan, which is a darkening of the skin. Removal of tan will help your skin get brighter, and you can do this naturally.
Some natural remedies for a glowing skin this summer are;

– Make a paste of raw carrots and place it on the skin.
– Mixing honey and lemon juice in equal amounts, and applying it on the skin for 20 minutes is a very effective.
– Drinking cucumber juice or orange juice is great for the skin.]

summer beauty tips for 2017

Following these essential beauty tips for the summer of 2017, will keep your skin glowing and keep you healthy and beautiful.

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