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How To Choose Safe Products For Your Skin

How To Choose Safe Products For Your Skin
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Part of caring for your skin involves using products that are friendly and safe for your skin. As you may already know, not all body cream or lotion are good for your skin. You may have used lotions in the past that made you darker or made you develop a rash or some other skin condition.

Upon noticing the unpleasant change, you must have immediately gotten rid of that particular lotion. The problem is that such a thing rarely happens once, and you may have ended up buying a similar product that would also not be right for your skin.

That is why one has to be careful when getting skincare products to ensure that they work well for your skin.

But getting the right product for your skin is not all that easy. You cannot keep the ingredients in mind, so you can always remember the products to buy whenever you are out.

Not all the ingredients that go into some soaps, lotions, shampoos, makeup, deodorant, and any other thing you use on your skin are friendly. Some contain very harsh chemicals that may not agree with your skin, hence causing an irritation. Some are so harmful that they even cause skin cancer, tumour growth, and even hormone problems.

Still, there are ways to ensure that you are buying a product that would be just right for your skin, and we would be discussing some of them here.

How To Choose Safe Products For Your Skin

1. Know Your Skin Type

Before you go shopping for a new lotion or cream, you should know the type of skin you have. The common mistakes many people make is buying the wrong product for their skin.

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Products are made for different skin types and using the wrong one on your skin could lead to irritations or results you never expected.

A visit to the dermatologist would let you know the type of skin you have and the key ingredients to look out for when buying lotions and even soaps.

2. Buy Products With Fewer Ingredients

That’s right, the fewer the products, the better. That way, the chemicals in it would be less and may be less likely to cause irritations to the skin.

Products with so many ingredients can be problematic as they would contain so many chemicals and artificial additives that your skin may not find pleasing.

If you use products with fewer ingredients, it would be easier for you to remember what is in the cream so you can know what to look out for every time.

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3. Use Products With Natural Ingredients

Another helpful tip to remember is to use a skin care product with more natural ingredients. Your product must contain things like carrot oil, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, and other plant extracts.

The natural way is the best way to go as you stand to gain a lot from the nutrients that are present in them. Too much of artificial substances on the skin could cause problems in the long run.

How To Choose Safe Products For Your Skin

4. Do Not Get Carried Away By Advertisement

The captivating power of advertising has caused many people to make the wrong decisions when getting products. The way a product is presented often plays on our minds, and we see it as better or something we must get for no particular reason.

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That is why some of us feel that a lotion or sunscreen is better than the rest in the market because of how it had been advertised to them. Look beyond packaging, design, and company tactics and go for something that really works.

Find out more about the product on the internet or in magazines, check out for honest reviews, before committing yourself to it. A wrong product could damage your skin in the first try, so you must know what you are going for.

5. Avoid Strong Fragrances

Your soap or body cream is supposed to smell nice, but you should mind the kind of fragrance used in the product. Some fragrances have been found to be very harmful to the skin, causing irritations and other kinds of problems, because of their synthetic nature.

Fragrance could also be deceiving and cause you to buy something you may later regret. The best thing to do is to keep it simple. Make sure your cream or soap has a nice, soft smell.

6. Stick To One Product

Many people have the habit of using more than one body lotion at a time. Some others just change cream without paying mind to the product name or any detail.

This is bad as it would be hard to keep track of which product worked best or worst for you. The ingredients in the different products could react, and that could be bad for your skin. Instead, stick to one or two products.

This would allow your body to get used to the composition in one and also make it easier for you to know what to get when next you go shopping.

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  • Thank you for these great tips. I recently found out that not all skin care products are equal, yikes. I bought this new product that toatlly destroyed my skin. I’m defintely going to be checking products a lot more closely and using your advice the next time I try a new product.

  • Thanks for the tips!I used to switch skin care products all the time but then I realised my skin become so senstive! Your tips are really valid and informative!

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