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5 Impressive Health Benefits of Stomach Massage

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The stomach massage is an ancient massage technique being used to get the many health and wellness related benefits. It is supremely beneficial for strengthening and streamlining of digestion system. However, it is not only limited to improving digestion system but it also relieves pain, brings calmness and stimulate the progressive flow of fluids inside the body. Stomach massage is an easy therapy which you could do by yourself at home. There is no need of contacting masseuse for performing it. In only 5 minutes, you can obtain many instrumental benefits of stomach massage. Just lie down and rub your belly. When you feel that your hand and belly is warm then start making outward motion of the hand from your navel. You just need to focus on the belly area and make 50 circles around the navel. There will be 5 major benefits of stomach massage for weight loss and metabolism which you will get after practicing this simple therapy.

5 Benefits of Stomach Massage

1. Can help you with weight loss

Health Benefits of Stomach Massage

Women who are struggling to lose weight should opt for performing this therapy. This simple massage will help the belly to get rid of waste collected in the digestive tract and improve the overall metabolic rate and digestion. There will be ladies who are making enough efforts for weight loss and didn’t have much success, should perform stomach massage regularly. Stomach massage will speed up the digestion process which is necessary for burning a lot more carbs and calories otherwise even huge efforts go in vain because of damaged digestive functioning.

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2. Good for bloating

Health Benefits of Stomach Massage

Bloating causes uncomfortableness and aches in the belly. This happens when a lot of waste gathers in the belly and not being processed for digestion. Stomach massage will pave the way for the proper functioning of the digestive tract and it will clear the way for waste material. By getting rid of wastes, you will feel much relaxed and comfortable.


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3. Cure for constipation

Health Benefits of Stomach Massage

According to a study conducted at The International Journal of Nursing Studies “stomach massage helps to get relief from constipation and other related belly pains. Regular stomach massage is necessary for the women who have a complaint of continuous constipation problems”.


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4. Improves Gastrointestinal health

Health Benefits of Stomach Massage

Regular performance of stomach massage is not only good for bloating and constipation but it is equally advantageous for gastrointestinal health. By making physical contact with the belly area, blood circulation increases in that area also it strengthens the intestines. A regular practitioner will experience much improved gastrointestinal performance. Women will keep their digestive system working with a full capacity just by performing this simple massage technique.


5. Menstruation pain relief

Health Benefits of Stomach Massage

A research published in Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine stated that stomach massage using aromatherapy oils (rose, lavender, cinnamon, and olive) helps to get relief from excessive menstrual pains and cramps, and it also controls the bleeding by keeping it light when you have performed it a week prior to the expected menstruation week. Another suggested tip from experts is that you should mix a tablespoon of carrier oil with the above-mentioned oils for increased menstrual pain relief benefits when performing a stomach massage.

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Women experience much uncomfortable pain and depression during menstruation, therefore, stomach massage will also help you psychologically as well. It will bring calmness, stress relief and relaxation to your mind, which are much-desired elements during menstruation. Other than this, practicing this massage can be excessively effective for tightening of belly skin. Many women experience this problem after weight loss. Stomach massage is a proven technique to get tight skin back. This habit of regular stomach massage will benefit the women well.


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