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5 Natural Remedies to Heal Internal Bleeding

Natural Remedies to Heal Internal Bleeding
Written by Collins Nwokolo


Natural Remedies to Heal Internal Bleeding
Internal bleeding happens as a result of many causes, however, many professional doctors concluded that injuries are mainly blamed for this issue. Additionally, urinary tract infection, irritable bowel syndrome as well as hormonal imbalance will also lead to internal bleeding. To recognize internal bleeding, it is really important for people to be attentive as this problem itself does not show clearly. However, some common symptoms of internal bleeding can be listed as hemorrhage happening in nose and head, inflammation, sudden bloody urine and so on. If not treated properly, it is highly certain that internal bleeding will cause patients to suffer from many unwanted situation, even the death. Thus, in case you discover that you yourself are engaged with internal bleeding symptoms, let’s consult advice from doctors. What’s more, let’s read on to learn some simple yet effective ingredients which can foster healing process of internal bleeding .

The infographic below explains the natural remedies to heal internal bleeding.

Natural Remedies to Heal Internal Bleeding

Infographic: Natural Remedies to Heal Internal Bleeding


5 Natural Remedies to Heal Internal Bleeding

1. Wild Geranium

When it comes to the treatment of internal bleeding, people usually mention wild geranium. Facts have shown that this herb is capable of preventing internal bleeding from becoming more severe. To be more detailed, the root of wild geranium is a power house of tannins, astringent as well as styptic. Therefore, it is easy to understand that wild geranium intake can reduce the seriousness of internal bleeding well.

2. Shepherd’s Purse

One of the most popular applications of shepherd’s purse consumption is in patients with internal bleeding. Scientifically called capsella bursapastoris, shepherd’s purse is able to repair blood vessels as well as calm down blood flow, making it beneficial in providing instant relief from internal bleeding discomforts. Furthermore, shepherd’s purse shows great ability in preventing urinary tract bleeding as well as hemorrhaging in the stomach.

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3. Elementary Diet


For anyone who may not know, elementary diet is really essential for people going down with internal bleeding. Serving as steroids, elementary diet will take the responsibility to induce remission as well as lowering the seriousness of internal bleeding. In addition, it is believed that the combination of elementary diet and probiotic supplementation can bring about better outcome in the fight with internal bleeding. However, audiences are reminded that elementary diet can only help with mild and moderate internal bleeding.


4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a famous name in beauty industry thanks to its capacity with many beneficial nutrients. More than a beauty secret, Aloe Vera can become a good remedy to get rid of internal bleeding. In reality, Aloe Vera consumption can foster to soothe inflammation, heal injuries and so on.
– Take some fresh Aloe Vera leaves
– Have the juice extracted from the leaves
– Mix it with a cup of warm water
– Consume that mixture
– Practice about 3-4 times a day

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5. Coenzyme Q10


In case you do not find these above mentioned remedies satisfied, let’s try using coenzyme Q10. Functioning as a powerful antioxidant, coenzyme Q10 will assist in neutralizing free radicals as well as repair damaged
tissues, supporting the treatment of internal bleeding. The recommended amount of coenzyme Q10 for consumption ranges from 10mg to 60mg. Also, when being used with omega-3 fatty acids, coenzyme Q10 will give you a better result.

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Natural Remedies to Heal Internal Bleeding

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