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5 Types of Massage – What Type is Right for You?

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Massage therapy has been in existence since times immemorial. This therapy has a wide range of benefits and nowadays many are opting for the massages as a better treatment option for specific ailments. This is considered a safe way to get relief from different aches and pains. You need to only ensure you choose the massage therapist carefully based on the qualification, certification, and experience. In fact, these three important factors taken into consideration can help you make a right choice of a massage therapist. If used in an appropriate and ‘right’ manner this therapy has no side-effects. This is anytime a preferred choice as compared to popping the different types of prescribed drugs.

To get the maximum benefit of a massage, it is necessary to get basic information on the different types massages that one can benefit from:

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1. Hot Stone Massage:


In this kind of massage, the therapist uses hot stones on the different parts of the body and also holds these whiles giving a massage. Basalt is used here as it is known for its ability to retain heat. The warmth provided by these stones not only relaxes but loosens muscles which are tight. In case an individual is suffering from ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, varicose veins or heart disease, he/she needs to consult their doctor before opting for this massage.

2. Aromatherapy Massage:
The therapist giving this aroma therapy massage makes use of scented oils along with specific massage oil. These oils are extractions from parts of plants or flowers and are said to have properties for healing. For example, rose and lavender tends to promote relaxation. This soothing effect of aroma therapy massage can help in different conditions like digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia, premenstrual symptoms, and backache. All you need to do is ensure that you are not allergic in any way to the different plants.

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3. Swedish Massage Therapy:


Most of the spas, gyms, clinics and wellness centers offer this Swedish massage therapy. This massage is typically based on the physiology and anatomy of the Western concepts. The massage therapists use oil or lotion and start the massage with general strokes. They then transit to strokes specifically on problematic areas.
The five basic strokes used in this therapy are petrissage (Rolling, kneading, and lifting), effleurage (long strokes which are smooth), friction (circular movements which are small or wringing), tapotement (percussion) and vibration (shaking ad rocking movements). The key highlight of this massage is it helps in providing the relaxation to the full body and is helpful when recovering from any sort of injury. This type of massage is very good and can even help improve your spine health.

4. Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage Types of Massage

This type of massage tends to focus on the knots of the muscles and can be very effective in treating other problem areas located in the deep layers of the muscles and tissue. The therapists use deliberate and slow strokes across the muscle grain and address tight and chronic painful muscles, injuries, postural problems or repetitive strain.  The pressure of this massage is considered to be intense, but this should not be painful. In case of any pain experienced, the therapist needs to be informed. Deep tissue massage is most effective for dealing with lingering injuries and chronic pain that cause a problem with the mobility.

5. Pregnancy Massage:

Types of Massage

The prenatal massage or this pregnancy massage aims to relax the mother. Prenatal massage tends to look into pregnancy problems like lower back pain and swollen ankles. This needs to be handled only by reputed and certified therapists. These qualified therapists have the knowledge of the exact positions and balancing the expectant mothers that there is no harm to both, the mother and child.
Besides these, you have the Thai massage, Reflexology, and Shaitsu massage. All these provide different benefits. Opting for any of the above-mentioned massages, you need to ensure to contact only the qualified and certified professionals.

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