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Amazing Curves for Almost No Hassle

Curves are all the rage these days, and for a good reason: they just look so good, especially during the summer. But having a curvy body isn’t just a fashion or beauty statement; more and more women are feeling more body positivity. A few years ago, putting on pounds was stigmatized and seen as a sign of weakness and lack of willpower, but a little extra fat and curvature in the right places is now seen as beautiful and very stylish, as well as simply healthy.

Everyone’s body is different, and we should all accept that. Some people are naturally thinner, others are a little thicker. This can come from a wide variety of factors, from diet, lifestyle, job, and, of course, genetics, which isn’t something you can ever argue with. Treatments like Sculptra and BBL are favourite treatments that guarantee beautiful contours on the body are among the most popular picks with clients.

A few years ago, attaining natural-looking curves would’ve seemed somewhat hard or even impossible. Nowadays, with a combination of these two treatments, you can get some pretty great contours. All it takes is a little motivation and finding the right place to do it. And when you do, you’ll see for yourself just how easy it is to get those great curves with as little hassle as possible.

Sculptra and BBL, the Dynamic Duo

As far as posterior sculpting and toning are concerned, your two best friends are Sculptra and BBL, or the Brazilian butt lift. While both of these are different in how they function, they both bring out the best results and create some amazing and natural-looking curves.

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The Sculptra is a type of filler, that when injected, lifts, smooths, and fills certain areas of the buttocks, that may not be as full or toned as you’d like. It works a lot like dermal fillers, where it compensates for areas with less volume and grants the posterior a naturally round shape. The best part about it is that the compound lasts for months. It’s something you can very safely enjoy without worrying about any kind of issues with the form or shape of the buttocks, as the compound is great at making it look perfectly natural.

The Brazilian butt lift, however, works on a slightly different wavelength. While Sculptra utilizes a special compound to fill in certain areas of the buttocks to give it that round, firm shape and smoothness, BBL uses your body’s own fat.

By extracting it from other parts of the body, like the tummy, inner thigh, etc., this fat can then later be repurposed as an extra layer for the buttocks. So, essentially, you’re not only decreasing unnecessary layers of fat in certain areas where you don’t feel comfortable having them, but you also use that same fat to make a part of your body look nicer, one that can utilize this fat in a much more attractive way.

Repurposing your own fat and transplanting it also means that you don’t have to worry about any kinds of allergic reactions or your body negatively reacting to the treatment since you’re using something that came out of your own body in the first place. This is what makes the Brazilian butt lift so safe.

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The Sculptra compound has also proven to be very safe, thanks to the rigorous testing stages it goes through before being put out into the public. The compound is carefully tested to make sure that each and every aspect of it safe for use in treatments. What makes it so safe is the engineering of the compound and how it was designed to be as safe as possible. And thanks to the constantly advancing science behind cosmetic treatments, the results and safety measures only get better and better with time.

Both the Sculptra and BBL are among two of the best treatments for curves. They specialize in contouring the body in their own different ways and have been known to bring out different kinds of results. And while they may work on the same part of the body, they’re not interchangeable and handle two different kinds of tasks.

Picking either of them, you’re basically deciding between some of the best options the beauty industry has to offer. So look through their results, find some feedback and reviews of each treatment, and weigh in which one you think is better suited for your body and desired outcomes.

The Right Clinic for You

Skinly Aesthetics is prepared to offer Sculptra and BBL NYC treatment plans for all its clients, both older and newcomers. One of the best parts about something as effective as these two treatments is getting to share them with the rest of the world. They have both treatments on offer for a very reasonable price.

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What puts a lot of people off cosmetic treatments are the expected hefty prices. But considering how large the market for these treatments is, there’s really very little to fear considering the price. Sure, it’s not a privilege people can call cheap, but it is still quite affordable for most people with varying financial statuses and backgrounds. Don’t worry about the treatment putting a major hole in your budget. Chances are, you can already pay for it as it is.

And of course, as far as safety is concerned, anything that makes its way into the cosmetics market is consistently tested and regulated to make sure that absolutely everything meets safety regulations perfectly. Nothing is left unsupervised, and it’s next to impossible to have any mistakes happen during the procedure, considering the many safety precautions taken before, during, and after treatments. So, one way or another, you’re getting some high-quality cosmetic treatments that are not only safe but also accessible thanks to their reasonable pricing model.

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