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How To Choose The Right Postpartum Pads For After Birth Bleeding

Written by Collins Nwokolo
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choose postpartum pads after birth bleeding

It’s the desire for every woman to give birth. When you decide to start a family, reproduction is not an option. A child brings joy to the family, but it comes with costs. This includes the cost associated with giving birth, like eating healthy food during pregnancy. One of them is buying pads to manage the blood flow which comes after birth.

There are two types of pads that are used after birth; disposables and reusable, and they are purchased depending on the preference of the mother.

The period after birth is called the postpartum period and it comes with its challenges, bleeding being part of it.

However, life has to continue since this is not permanent and when thinking about buying the postpartum pads, these are some factors that would guide on how to choose the right pads.

1.  Smell– The modern pads come with all sorts of scents, these are plain or different scents which could be floral having been added some ingredients to make this possible. Most doctors recommend plain scented ones because the ones with different smell may have added chemicals that may affect the body

2. Size- depending on the flow, choose the right size, for instance during the day, one can use the regular postpartum pads and use heavy one during the night for more absorption.

Regular pads are also comfortable, and since the body is active during the day, one can afford to change as many times as possible compared to night times when you are not conscious.

3. The rate of absorption- Immediately after birth, you expect heavy flow. It’s presumably important to ensure that you start off with the highly absorbent pads and as you approach the end of the postpartum period, you can adjust to light pads.

4. Comfort- This happens to be a significant factor, you can imagine putting on an uncomfortable pad, even the walking style becomes a challenge, and during the day, one would wish to carry on her duties responsibly. Therefore ensure that the materials are nonabrasive, soft and fitting to give you the comfort that you so deserve.

5. The type– They can either be disposable or reusable.

Disposables are much more expensive taking into consideration the number that one can use on a daily basis. The reusable pads are still okay, but many women would argue that they are not hygienically correct, they may smell, and the essence of washing is not pleasing.
However one should consider the type depending on the availability and cost. During travels, it’s recommended to use disposables such that you do not have to carry reusable in the bag when it’s already dirty and may produce a foul smell.

6. The product ingredients.
Pads are made of different ingredients depending on the manufactures preference. There are organic and non-organic pads. Some women are affected with the in organic ones and may have allergies that may turn out to be long term.
Its therefore important to buy the organic ones, which one is sure that no chemicals have been added to them and as such no reactions may be experienced however much expensive they may be.

7. Cost- depending on your financs, choose the right pads that fit your pocket. Cheap ones do not mean that they are not effective and vice versa applies. As you prepare for postpartum, talk with the mothers who have passed through that stage, and they will advise depending on the level of experience.

8. The design- Finally think about the design. This could be wingless or with wings- For instance, at night, use the winged pads which will offer more comfort, and the fear of leakage is eliminated.

Otherwise, have a great postpartum period as you heal and return to normal. Celebrate the bundle of joy and forget the challenges that come along with it.

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