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What To Look For When Buying A Synthetic Urine Kit

Written by Collins Nwokolo


Synthetic urine kit

Have you ever been in a situation that requires you to use synthetic urine? If yes then probably it’s once or twice, right? Well, unlike most products, synthetic urine, not just something that can be found easily.
You don’t usually come across them regularly. Most probably you don’t even think about them until the day you will be caught up in some situation, and you are looking to find a solution urgently.
Before using synthetic urine, you will first need to do thorough research on it since it might bring many complications if you use it in the wrong way.
Since this is usually a last-minute product during an emergency, you will most definitely buy it with a high expectation that it will work for you correctly, right?
This is why you need to look at the following things just before you get your synthetic urine kit. Find out more on information on synthetic urine here


  • It is a very wise idea if you could just check for a particular brand when looking to purchase the kit. With a good brand, there is always a higher chance of better performance.
  • The most known brands when it comes to synthetic urine kits includes whizzinator, terminader yellow snow and quick fix plus 6.2. Other good brands include the maker of quick fix plus, spectrum brands, and synthetic 5.
  • Getting a product from a well-known brand means getting a genuine product which will guarantee you good results.



The chemicals

  • Synthetic urine or fake urine as it is commonly known is pretty much the same as the real urine, and sometimes it actually becomes difficult to tell the difference between the two.
  • This is actually why you need to buy the most up to date synthetic urine kit. Just because it is fake well, there’s always that worry of if it will work according to what you expected.
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But, did you know that fake urine can pass a screening test even when even under the best screening equipment? Yes. You need to go for kits that have synthetic urine with the correct and right amount of chemicals or else you will definitely fail the test.


The right temperature

  • This is another vital point to note. When using synthetic urine, it is important that you use it at the right temperature. This mistake is common with a lot of people not just those using it for the first time but also those who have used it on multiple occasions too.
  • For the normal human urine or the real urine, the temperature always ranges from 94 – 96 degrees Fahrenheit. With this in mind, you need to hit or warm up the fake urine up to this temperature levels just to avoid any problems during the test.
  • The fake urine, under no particular point should it be handed over at the normal room temperature. Make sure you warm it correctly so that it won’t cool down fast.
  • Most of the kits, if not all of them will always come along with some user manual where you can refer to get the right information on how to use it.


The price

  • Well, however hungry you are, you cannot enter a restaurant and order food enough for two or three people and try to eat it all at once, right? It is reasonable if you get yourself enough food and if you feel you are not satisfied, then you can order some more.
  • This also applies to the fake urine kits. You need only to get enough and not more of it. This can also be seen regarding cost. The more you want to get, the more you will pay, isn’t this too obvious? Of course yes.
  • Besides purchasing much of it is not a good idea since it will most likely go wrong if not well taken care of. Keeping it is not easy considering all the conditions you need to meet to keep it for that long so why don’t you pay less and get enough?
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Just as said before, synthetic urine is not something that you get to see a lot thus it is always not that readily available.
Many people usually see them as lifesavers thus you need to be keen when shopping for one. Check out this link and look at the things you will need to have in mind when purchasing a synthetic urine kit.

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