5 Facts About a Disc Replacement Procedure

5 Facts About a Disc Replacement Procedure
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Have you ever heard of artificial intervertebral discs? If your answer is no, this is the perfect article for you, which covers a detailed explanation of what these structures are and the facts you need to know about their replacement. Discs are porous structures that sit between the vertebrae of your spine to absorb impact from activity while also helping with the movement of your spine. You might develop changes in the discs resulting in pain in your neck or back as you get. One way of curbing this problem is by replacing damaged discs. Below are the five top facts you need to know about disc replacement.

1. Allows you to Maintain the Flexibility and Movement of Your Spine

An artificial is usually designed to copy the functioning of the natural disc, which includes providing cushioning for the vertebrae and reducing stress caused by an impact. Unlike spinal fusion usually involves inserting an implant between two vertebrae, making them stick together to form one solid movement, which eliminates movement between them, artificial disc replacement does the opposite. The best way to cure degenerative disc disease is by replacing the natural disc with an artificial disc replacement which assumes the role of the natural disc making it more beneficial.

2. Can be Done Easily as a Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Several decades down the line, for spine surgery to be conducted, it involved large incisions accompanied by long hospital stays. However, the case is different as now we have experienced an increased number of spine surgeries that can be easily done in a small setup using minimally invasive techniques. One of these spine surgeries that can be done in an outpatient setup includes artificial disc replacement, which utilizes much smaller incisions, causing less damage to the surrounding muscles and tissues. These surgeries, which cause minimal incisions, are beneficial to patients since they cause less bleeding, minimal risk of infection, and fewer complications.

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3. Recovery is Quicker Than you Think

Another thing associated with artificial disc replacement that most people do not know is that the surgical procedure, when completely done, takes less time to heal as compared to other spine surgeries. Although you may experience mild discomfort after which is common, you can use ice and medications to relieve the pain. Surprisingly, you may be out of bed a few hours after the procedure is completed. Doctors advise patients to rest at home within the first week of the surgery, but you can drive and even resume work starting from the second week. Under the doctor’s guidance, you can gradually progress from non-impact exercise in three weeks to challenging exercises at about six weeks.

4. Experts Can Determine if Artificial Disc Replacement is the Best for You.

Suppose you are experiencing a problem in your spine, and most specifically you have degenerative disc disease. In that case, you need to book an interview with the doctor you have selected to provide your medical care. A skilled spine surgeon will assess and address your problems and what you have chosen for treatment. Before this, all the available treatment options should be explored, including non-surgical options. If the doctors find artificial disc replacement the best strategy for you, it will give you the confidence to move forward without fear. An expert in the related field is conversant with all the methods and knows which will have the least risk when used.

5. Can be Used to Avoid Adjacent Segment Disease

Artificial disc replacement can be very beneficial in helping the body not develop a complication called adjacent segment disease. Adjacent segment disease causes denegation in the parts of the spine above and under the surgery area, a condition highly associated with the spinal infusion. When spinal fusion is conducted, motion is prevented between two vertebrae making the adjacent segments take all the load and more likely to develop complications. However, this is usually not the case with artificial disc replacement as it just works like a natural disc and adjacent segment disease is less likely to occur.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of your background and occupation, the experts of spine surgery understand how disc disease can affect your life; hence it is important to know the status of your spine. Schedule a consultation today and how the doctor can help your back pain go away.


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