Everything You Must Know About In-Home Monitored EEG Testing

In-Home Monitored EEG Testing
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Did you know that untreated or undiagnosed seizures are quite risky and increase emergency room visits? It’s also costly to cater for an inpatient stay in an already strained health system. However, it’s not all sad and gloom among patients with epilepsy. It’s quite fortunate that there’s an effective alternative model that is serving quite well. Are you aware that one can now take an ECG-EEG test while at home? It’s a spectacular method that relives patients the cost as well as the hassle of a hospital stay. Here’s everything you should know about in-home monitored EEG testing. 

Lower costs 

The epilepsy-related expenses often put an unnecessary strain on one’s finances. There’s always more to cater to than the medical expenditure or informal care as something always pops up. Individuals with epilepsy often find themselves making numerous trips to the ER as a result of uncontrolled seizures. However, with an in-home monitored EEG to test, the cost can reduce greatly. The model is unique as it lessens the cost of inpatient stay, administration billing, or nursing, among others. With a reduction in all these costs, one can focus on improved patient care.

In-Home Monitored EEG Testing

Top-notch outcome and data 

The in-home monitored video data is quite effective as it offers an uninterrupted session. Get a chance to interact with technologists who are on-call at any time of the day. Thus, the test’s integrity doesn’t get tampered with at any point. One can also benefit from prompt scheduling and have the diagnosis and treatment start immediately. The model is quite sophisticated as a physician can review the test results rather quickly. The entire recording often gets reviewed; thus, there’s no glitch or any test repetition at any point. The test is also highly sophisticated and only offers info about the electrical activities within the brain. Thus, the test can pick up any unusual electrical activities and show which part of the brain it emanated from at the time.  

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Greater patient convenience 

Patient’s schedule delays and excessive waiting time are a risky challenge that healthcare administrators often have to battle with always. The wait time also puts the patient’s safety at risk, and the long-term outcome isn’t pleasant. Each patient requires esteemed medical care, and in-home monitored EEG testing offers amazing convenience. One gets to relax as the testing they require comes to them. With top-notch tests, the physician can get to the root problem and solve it rather quickly. The doctor can also check to see if their patients have on-convulsive status epilepticus. It’s because such a condition often alters one’s awareness level or result in confusion. With an EEG, one can properly determine what goes on in the brain. Thus, there’s a limited chance for misdiagnosis as an EEG specialist often interprets the readings.

The ideal thing about the ECG-EEG test is that it is quite painless, and one can have it at the comfort of their home. It’s a chance to diagnose any brain disorder by determining any changes within the brain’s activity. The in-home video EEG enables one to understand who they are quite better and evaluate the treatment’s effect.

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