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Age-Related Health Issues That All Men Must Be Aware Of

Age-Related Health Issues for men
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Age is not ‘just’ a number when it comes to health. If you’re aren’t careful about your health and take necessary precautions to prevent issues that arise with age, you may run the risks of aggravating them. Following a healthy diet, working out regularly, and keeping track of little changes in your body goes a long way to enhance your overall sense of well being. 

Besides, you should also be aware of certain ailments and health conditions, the chances of which are increased with advancing age. Let’s give you an idea about the same and their consequences, so you can take care of your health better. 

Certain types of Cancer

While the reasons for developing lung cancer are quite obvious than others, numerous factors may contribute to it, e.g., smoking and an increase in air pollution. It has been observed that even passive smokers have high risks of developing this ugly and painful disease that spreads like wildfire. 

On the other hand, the causes of prostate cancer are relatively unclear. It’s said that the cells start dividing rapidly, leading to mutations and abnormal growth. These cells can also break off from the parent gland and reach other organs fast, thus spreading cancer. Proper diagnosis, treatment, and changes in the lifestyle can help reverse the process in some lucky cases. 

Sexual dysfunction

With advancing age, men tend to lose their libido or suffer from other issues, making it harder for them to last longer in bed which affects not only their health but also life in general. While premature ejaculation can have underlying causes, like stress, prostate enlargement, hormonal imbalance, or an infection in the urethra, it can lead to psychological issues, like lack of motivation and depression

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If the causes are physiological, you can consult a GP or a urological expert to diagnose and treat the problem accordingly. But if they are not, you can do some research on delay sprays and their effectiveness, like the ones mentioned at https://www.promescent.com/blogs/learn/premature-ejaculation-spray to last longer in bed. Sometimes, the issues of PE are closely linked with ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Talk to your doctor clearly about these issues to ensure a faster recovery. 


Age-Related Health Issues for men

Age-Related Health Issues for men

Cardiovascular issues

Heart diseases that may lead to strokes are an increasing threat in aging men. Accumulation of plaque in the arterial walls, causing them to thicken, or some issues in the formation of clots may shoot up the chances of developing serious cardiovascular damages that can even take your life. 

To prevent this, you should start following a healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and good protein. You should also reduce your intake of carbs, refined sugar, junk foods, and aerated drinks that increase the level of cholesterol and creates hypertension (high blood pressure). This apart, you should also work out regularly, or at least walk a few miles to stay fit and healthy. 

Type-2 Diabetes

This is another silent killer that men must be aware of. While it may seem harmless at first, the condition can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, a complete breakdown of the insulin-generating system, which can even be fatal. You may not notice any symptoms at first, but if you have a history of diabetes in the family, it’s best to test your blood glucose levels frequently. 

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A healthy lifestyle, including a low-carb diet and exercising regularly, can prevent diabetes to a huge extent. One of the main causes of diabetes is obesity, so staying in proper shape and form is integral to keep it at bay. About 30-minutes of rigorous physical activity, like jogging, free-hands, or gymming, is essential for all men to reduce the chances of developing diabetes. 

Kidney diseases

The kidneys are responsible for detoxifying the body and maintaining electrolyte balance. Their efficiency decreases with age, and in men, a complete failure may occur, owing to poor management of other health conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure. When this happens, you may need to remove a kidney or replace it with that of a donor, both of which are quite complicated processes. 

To prevent that, you should keep other health issues in check by reducing the amount of salt in your diet, limiting alcohol intake, quitting tobacco, drug dependence, regulating body weight, etc. Chronic kidney failures can be irreversible, so make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid complications later. 

Most men are ignorant of their health, as they fail to realize how grave a situation can be. If you can reduce the aforementioned risks just by making some simple changes in your lifestyle, it’s worth the effort. After all, it’s always important to focus on the quality of life, which determines the length of your life as well. You can also learn about some vital health tips for men in 2020.


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